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January 6 The committee intends to arrest Steve Benn in criminal contempt.

Steve Benn, who was once Donald Trump’s right-hand man and is still a staunch supporter of the former president, may soon face charges of ignoring a lawsuit that demands that he be a U.S. citizen. Appear before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 uprising in the capital.

Last week, Benn’s lawyer informed the special congressional committee that the right-wing media figure would oppose the statement, citing Trump’s “executive privileges” – despite the clear fact that Trump is no longer the current president and that Benin is just Former advisers were at the time of the uprising

In response, the chairman of the special committee, Rep. Benny Thompson (D-MS), issued a statement Thursday stating that his panel “will not tolerate violations of our statements, so we must provide Mr. Benn with a criminal reference.” We must move forward to give. Insult. ”

“I have informed the select committee that we will convene a business meeting on Tuesday evening to vote on the abusive report,” the chairman said.

Benin’s New York City Attorney Robert Joseph Costello did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although insulting Congress is usually an outlawed act, retaliation can be swift.

If the Select Committee approves the blasphemy, the matter is moved to the US House of Representatives, where all members will vote on a resolution that would refer Benin to the Justice Department. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will then refer to Acting U.S. Attorney for the Regional of Columbia, Channing de Phillips.

Federal prosecutors can then pursue a criminal case against Benn because he violated a law that considers such sheer violations to be corruption, punishable by between one month and one year. Is imprisoned

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to Daily Beast’s inquiries into whether the matter had already been contacted, or how quickly it would take action against Trump.

Benn appears to be working on a new legal approach that primarily claims that the executive’s authority extends beyond the presidency and extends to White House employees, even former employees.

However, Benn’s insistence that he respects Trump’s continued executive privilege also throws a dent in the crazy, right-wing conspiratorial ideologues who keep claiming that Trump is still president.

This move is also common. The conservative media personality, who once served as Trump’s chief strategist at the White House, is one. The Crusades that have been going on for years To Extremely right-wing nationalist sects all around the world. And part of it is the total rejection of government authority.

This is not the first time Benin has opposed a statement. He denounced the Federal Trade Commission for more than a year after Cambridge Analytica – a London-based company in which Benn was a board member – created a voter profile in 2016 and misused access to Facebook to help Trump. Was caught on

At the time, Benn was also the CEO of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, so the FTC wanted to interview him to find out if he had abused his position and played a role in the scandal. The FTC came up with a “civil inquiry request” – essentially an administrative request – to submit it. But Benn just refused to play the ball. The FTC filed a federal lawsuit to force it to comply, and last January, U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper granted the FTC’s request.

So far, Benin has largely escaped the effects of his behavior. although. He was arrested In August 2020, he faced federal charges of stealing more than $ 1 million. “We build the wall” Fundraiser., He was Apologies from Trump During the last few hours of the President last January.

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