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Jason Momova praises Don’s Dennis Valenzuela in a love video.

Actor Jason Momoya walks towards the sky during the filming of Don.

A few weeks ago, Jason Momova. A behind-the-scenes personal video was released for the scenes of his fight, which is very popular. Duncan Idaho I Mound. It was a cute video that highlighted Momoa’s passion as a physical actor, so it’s no surprise that she followed along with another video. And it’s all about the man behind the camera, the director. Dennis Valenzuela. He really, really loves it, you guys.

“Every moment on the set with Dennis is amazing,” Momo said as he opened the video. “It’s just an honor. I can’t believe I’m in this movie.” Set on soft piano keys, Momoa has nothing but good things to say about her experience on the set. There is an atmosphere of devotion throughout the video as the actor remembers that Valenio looked at him like Duncan, the character, like a child. In a moment, he just “fuck!” In the sky before embracing the director like a young man. This is Jason Momova.

Momoya’s video will be a relief to her fans, given the alleged toxic environment. Jose Weddons. Time Justice League. When Ray Fisher The director’s behavior came with Momova’s allegations. Stand by His colleague’s comments at the time, saying “serious things went down. It needs to be investigated.” Zack Snyder. Version of the movie, and glad to see that this trend is followed here. These are definitely curated highlights in the film, but Momoa doesn’t look like someone would release it if things were really sad. Hopefully he will have more directors with whom he can work for himself. Future movies, And release a video proving your love for them.

Mound HBO will hit theaters on October 22.

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