Jaylen Waddell Breaks NFL Rookie Reception Record; Sunday’s slate affects Dolphins’ 2022 first-round draft picks and schedule – The Mercury News

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddell broke the NFL rookie reception record during a game against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

With an early simple 5-yard catch on an out route for the edge, Waddle recorded his third catch on Sunday, breaking Boldin’s mark of 101 set with the Arizona Cardinals in 2003.

Miami coach Brian Flores ruled out a possible attempt to sabotage the record in this past week’s game, but Waddell received a third reception from scrimmage in the Dolphins’ fourth game.

Waddell ended the opening series with a 7-yard touchdown catch.

Although Waddell needed an additional 17th game from the regular season that was added this season, he broke the record in 16 games. He missed out on the Dolphins’ December 5 win over the New York Giants on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Waddell, who entered the season on Sunday with 988 receiving yards, also crossed 1,000 yards in his rookie campaign. His reception ranks third in total dolphin history, surpassing only Jarvis Landry, who had 112 in 2017 and 110 in 2015.

Boldin played high school football at Pahoekie and collegiately at Florida State.

Draft effect of week 18

The Dolphins’ draft status in the first round of the upcoming draft was not affected by the team’s own result in Sunday’s season finale against the Patriots.

Remember, last season there were two trades with the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers that removed Miami as the No. 3 pick of the 2021 draft, first acquired from the Houston Texans, back to No. 12 and then No. up to 6. , where Waddle was eventually chosen.

In trades, the Dolphins’ 2022 first-round pick went to the Eagles, while Miami’s position is tied to the 49ers’ finish.

While the Dolphins play against the Patriots, fans can watch for San Francisco’s defeats to the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints over the Atlanta Falcons in the same 4:25 p.m. time slot. If both happen, the 49ers are left out of the NFC playoffs.

This would mean that the likes of San Francisco would be a top-18 choice for taking in the dolphins. If the 49ers qualify for the latter part of the season, the selection will be above that number, and it could go very deep at the end of the first round if San Francisco is able to pull off a wild-card round upset. If the 49ers win the playoff game, Miami’s pick will be 25 or worse.

Dolphins’ 2022 opponents

Sixteen of the 17 Dolphins opponents have been settled in 2022, with the final to be determined in a “Sunday Night Football” game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The loser of the Chargers-Raiders game will host the Dolphins next season. This is because the AFC East team plays against the AFC West team which finished in the same position in their division the following year. Miami ranks No. 3 in the East, and will be the West’s third, losing between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The same concept holds for the AFC South, as the Dolphins will host the Texans, who finished third in that division.

Rest of Miami Events: Annual house-to-house matches against the AFC East Patriots, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills; Full AFC North with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns at home and the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens on the road; NFC North all across with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings at home and the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions on the road; And the additional 17th game of the regular season will travel to San Francisco to pick up 49 players who finished third in the NFC West, as the Dolphins did in the AFC East.

If the Chargers–Raiders end in a tie, Las Vegas ends up behind Los Angeles and the Raiders host the Dolphins in regular season games for the third consecutive season.

The dates of all the matches have not been announced yet.

Dolphin-Patriot Passive

If the Dolphins are willing to let Mike Gesicki walk in free agency because they think rookie Hunter Long is ready to step into the tight end rotation, they’ll have to do it based mostly on practice reps for Long.

Long was one of five healthy passers declared by the Dolphins before kickoff, along with running back Salvone Ahmed, wide receiver Preston Williams and linebackers Vince Beagle and Darius Hodge. No Dolphins player entered Sunday with an injury designation, while cornerback Noah Igbinoghi and safety Sheldrick Redwine were the only two on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Long was inactive for 10 games in his rookie year. He played seven, started two and finished with a reception for 8 yards.

The Patriots had two key defenders already announced before Sunday, safety Kyle Dugger and linebacker Donta Hightower. The only three other inactive players for New England were quarterback Jarrett Stidham, tight end Devin Assiasi and JJ Taylor.

-Rookie undraft free agent Robert Jones started Sunday with a right tackle in place of veteran Jesse Davis.

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