JD Vance, Ohio’s newest senator-elect, is urging his fellow Republicans not to blame former President Donald Trump for his disappointing mid-term performance, and instead wants his party to work on the “factual issues” the election revealed.

Vance wrote an opinion piece for the American Conservative on Monday, addressing GOP leaders who were pointing the finger at Trump after several of his MAGA-backed recommendations failed to spark a “red wave” on election night last week.

In articleVance said that while “no one is beyond criticism,” the ex-president’s involvement in the midterm election is not why Republicans have suffered losses across the country.

Former President Donald Trump endorses JD Vance at a campaign rally on the eve of the midterm elections in Dayton, Ohio, November 7, 2022. Vance, the senator-elect, wrote Monday that voter turnout and funding issues, not Trump’s involvement, were the reason for the poor performance of some GOP candidates.
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“Any attempt to put the blame on Trump rather than money and attendance is not only wrong,” Vance said. “It distracts from the real issues we need to solve as a party in the long term.”

An Ohio businessman argued that one of the reasons Democrats performed better in key races was because of funding from small donors or donations of $200 or less. Vance said the efforts of small Republican donors are “pale” compared to the money that Democrats raise on sites like ActBlue, and he also pointed to structural problems within the Republican Party, such as the fact that suburban white voters are voting “increasingly Democratic.” “. “.

“Any autopsy of Republican underperformance should focus on how to bridge the national financial gap and how to prove less committed Republicans in midterm elections,” Vance said. “These are the problems we have and instead of blaming everyone else, it’s time for party leaders to acknowledge that we have these problems and work to solve them.”

According July Report with Axios, the Democrats at one point led their Republican opponents in small-donor funding for over $75 million in the top 10 most competitive Senate races.

The biggest difference between the parties was in Arizona, where Senator Mark Kelly, who won re-election last week, raised nearly $23 million from small donors in that time. Axios reports that Kelly’s GOP challenger Blake Masters, along with potential GOP nominees Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich who lost in the Arizona primary, brought in less than $2 million combined from small donations.

Vance made two suggestions for tackling the Republican Party’s structural problems: voting reform to ensure safe elections, and work to “build a turnout machine” for the future.

“Our party has one major asset, defying conventional wisdom, to rally these voters: President Donald Trump,” Vance wrote. “Now, more than ever, our party needs President Trump’s leadership to reject these voters and suffers from his absence from the stage.”

Vance’s campaign benefited greatly from the former president’s support, helping him defeat well-established Republicans in the spring Ohio primaries. Trump also picked Vance as his final campaign stop before the midterm vote last week.

But contrary to Vance’s argument that Trump is a GOP trump card in rallying voters, exit polls by Edison Research for NBC News it turned out that Trump may indeed have been a motivator for Democrats this fall. While 32 percent of voters said they voted “against Joe Biden,” 28 percent of voters indicated they voted “against Donald Trump,” even though Trump was not on the ballot.

Republicans also seem to have lost the independent vote in this year’s election, breaking with tradition in the last four midterms in which independent voters sided with the party opposing the White House. Independents favored Democrats last week 49 percent to 47 percent, according to an NBC report.

As the GOP battles among themselves over Trump’s future role in the party, especially as he is due to announce his 2024 presidential candidacy on Tuesday, the former president blamed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for last week’s disappointment.

“It’s Mitch McConnell’s fault… He screwed up final exams and everyone despises him and his otherwise lovely wife Coco Chow!” published by Trump to his Truth Social account on Sunday.

Newsweek he asked the Republican National Committee for comment.

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