Jill on Money: What’s New for 2022?

It may take a brutal 22 months of a pandemic to do it, but when it comes to personal finance, the new year has a silver lining: 84% of Americans say they’ve stopped worrying about it. have learned what they can do. t control. That bid was just one data point left out of the Fidelity Investments Annual Financial Resolution Study for 2022.

Jill Schlesinger

Before we got too excited about these results, the survey was conducted on October 18-24, 2021, long before we all had to learn how to pronounce ommicron. That said, one positive consequence of ending the nearly two-year post-COVID era is that when faced with a financial crisis, we now understand the old adage, “KISS” – or “Keep It Simple Stupid, “Really works. When facing a tough financial crisis, Fidelity respondents said the best solution is to cut expenses (54%) – and then dip into those precious and important emergency savings (39%). Notably, the survey also found that compared to last year, stress levels — which keep people awake at night — “have dropped significantly.”