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Jim Acosta asked Andrew Young what he was doing on Tucker Carlson.

Andrew Yang. He may be heading a new, more “involved” third party, but Jim Acosta spoke about his ways of becoming a business politician during a CNN interview on Saturday afternoon. Asked questions In particular, he asked Yang to respond to his decision to appear. Tucker Carlson today..

“Tucker Carlson … I mean, let’s just say he’s a bad guy,” Acosta told Yang. “And he represents the days that are wrong in the television news. You know all this very well. He puts an end to the talk of white nationalists. So why would you go to his show?”

In the meantime Appearance on Carlson’s Daytime Show., Yang discussed a new path to leave the Democratic Party – and Carlson responded. Defining non-residents (Definitely a “bad guy”) for his “smart analysis, I think, for the way the system works.”

Carlson added, “The argument is that large organizations change over time to protect themselves.” “Ultimately a big system protects itself and it does that kind of thing.”

He pointed to Acosta’s second question for Yang on Saturday: “Why didn’t you go back? [Carlson] When he’s referring to Anabomber and just talking about crazy things?

Yang’s answer? He is working to “bring down the temperature of the country” by reaching the corridors of the proverb to meet people “wherever they are”.

“As you know, Tucker commands a large audience, and if you want to try a united movement that draws attention to the fact that our system is not working, really, for someone. “You have to contact me again,” Yang continued.

“And that’s what I was doing on the show. I mean, the point is to be a Republican who can express their dissatisfaction in a positive way. And right now, I don’t think it’s going in a positive direction. I want to help change. “

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