SANTA CLARA – Two pre-retaliation practice sessions as the 49ers quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo took the podium for the media on Thursday and covered many topics. Here are the top five things he discussed:

1. Upon entering Sunday’s victory, Trey Lance suffered a fractured ankle:

“I’ve never been a backup and the starter was so injured. It was a different experience, but something you take with peace of mind. Trey is our brother. We spoke to him recently and he seems to be in a good mood now.

“I heard the pressure of (Nick) Bosy (after Sunday’s victory), and he put it pretty well: There is a moment where you feel like your life is over and you feel,” I can never go back to where I was. ” But it passes. You have to hit the point where it passes, and you mentally move on from there.

“There will be obstacles to overcome. I’ve been around Trey for several years. He’s a tough guy. It will be okay.

“He has been with us at several meetings through Zoom before. Whatever you can do mentally. It’s physically tough right now, but he’ll be back.

2. After regaining the feeling of pushing the ball down from 2017:

“I love it. Of course there are a lot of things with it, but I love to do it. In ’17 there was a freedom where me, the audience, tight ends, we had good chemistry.

“… In 17 I studied crime. Kyle called the play and I wouldn’t know exactly how to read it, but you got it along the way. The more you learn about a crime, I start to guess what Kyle thinks and vice versa.

Will this freedom continue this season:

“I don’t know. It’s a fair question. We’ll see it when we go further. The more freedom you have as a quarterback, the better you play, the more confident you are, and good things will happen.

3. On his relationship with first-year quarterback coach Brian Griese:

“I met him last year. He called one of our games and we chatted the day before. It was really cool. Being with him for about a month is really cool. He sees the game as quarterback. He sees the game similarly and it’s nice to have him in the room.

“It’s hard to train a quarterback. You have to see it as much as he does, which a lot of guys think you do, but maybe not. He has the experience of being on the pitch, being in these moments. It’s fun having a guy like that around.

4. At the Denver Broncos, Sunday hosts:

“At the front they are very physical. We know a few players – DJ (Jones) and K’Waun (Williams); great players. Passes through the board. They chase the ball. It will be a difficult but good test.

On Russell Wilson: “A great player. Just a quirky athlete doing plays that shouldn’t be done. But he does. He has the unique ability to extend pieces. I didn’t really have much time to meet him off the pitch. On the pitch, the dude is as competitive as possible, and it’s fun to fight him, however weird it is.

5. About the other quirks of resuming initial work:

About his tenure and coaching or about his family: “I wanted to say that I grew up in an Italian family, man. Literally after the matches it’s hard to talk because my voice is tired and everyone else is screaming. These are just normal conversations. This is probably the advantage of being Italian.

On the strangeness after the break: “Yes, long hiatus. No OTA, no camp. It was another year. Of course, I had some strange situations here. This one had good and bad. The arms are fine, which is # 1. When I physically felt better, the rest started to play, I guess. “

On how Shanaahn tells him they are going on and how it affects his game: “It lights a fire beneath you, I’ll tell you this. As a competitor, whenever you say something like that, it will get you going. I have a lot of motivation. I don’t need this to motivate me. But it helps.

On chemistry with new audiences: “I was amazing. There are some new players. I’m not trying to crank anyone up too much, but some of these guys can fly. Ray-Ray can move, Danny can move. There is a lot of speed there. Chemistry is coming and it will only get better.

He seems to be like the old days with Kittle: “He’s getting there. He gets there.

On what he said after entering the meeting on Sunday: “There is a lot of talk there. We were excited. He was third lower down, so the brain was going in that direction, thinking about relationships, about what they were going to do. Then I lit it. So the rest is history. “

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