Jimmy Garoppolo is quite an optimistic guy.

On Sunday night, after the 49ers lost 11-10 to the Broncos, thanks in large part to Garoppolo’s few mistakes in the second half, the re-starter did not let defeat keep him from smiling after the match on the pitch. Denver offensive liner Cam Fleming, former Patriots teammate.

How could he have imagined that his opponents in the Bay Area would not see a smile? This is the place that practically invented the quarterback controversy. Now that he has taken over the season from injured Trey Lance, the ‘who’s better’ chatter has died down. But we are not going beyond the time-honored classic of over-body language analysis.

Garoppolo also chuckled during his post-match podium session when asked how his right arm felt after the first full game since the off-season surgery.

“Oh yeah, I can feel that arm now,” he said with a short laugh.

Jason Dumas of KRON 4 common A video of Garoppolo’s post-game handshake on Twitter, in which he says the quarterback was “a little too smiling immediately after a rather disastrous performance.”

Many 49ers fans retweeted the news, two prominent Bay Area athletes (Jerry Rice Jr. and FP Santangelo Jr.) shared similar feelings.

Whether or not the three visible opinions represent a wave of disgust for Garoppolo’s smile, the quarterback was not good enough on the pitch on Sunday night: his safety gave Denver two points, his interception ended a promising return run, and his losing clumsiness wasted a good-field position.

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