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Joe Biden left Russia out of the ransomware meeting. Can’t imagine

When the White House convenes a summit on countering. ransomware On Wednesday, 30 countries will join the United States to discuss crackdown issues. Cybercriminals Behind the ransomware attacks but a particular country will be particularly absent: Russia.

“We did not invite the Russians to attend,” a senior administration official told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday.

In the wake of ransomware attacks crippling US institutions, senior administration officials have criticized Russia for turning a blind eye to ransom groups operating within its borders for years. Cyber-attacks, which shut down victims’ computers until companies pay a hefty ransom to faceless criminals, have become a critical issue in recent months. Pipeline On the East Coast – as Americans line up for fuel Meat supplier, Cooperation of a grain, The hospital, And countless. School.

Russia’s negligence is a fresh indication that although President Joe Biden met with President Vladimir Putin earlier this year to press Moscow to crack down on ransomware groups, Russia has made a special offer. Did not move

At the June summit in Geneva, Biden warned Putin that the United States would take the necessary steps to change the status of Russian criminals launching cyber-attacks against US companies from Russian soil. And in July, Biden It has been warned that cyber-violations could lead to a “real shooting war”, following warnings that the United States could retaliate against hackers.

And yet, ransomware attacks continue. According to data leaked sites – where some ransomware attackers post or threaten to post stolen data that they use to rob their victims – there has been a significant decrease in attacks in recent months. Has not come

Alan Lesca, a ransomware expert and intelligence analyst at security firm Record Futures, told the Daily Beast that there had been a “significant increase” in attacks in September.

“Overall, ransomware attacks have increased slightly this year,” Leska said.

“Inviting Putin to the summit would send the wrong message: that Russia is an active partner in trying to stop ransomware. Clearly this is not the case,” Leska added. “Even if the Russian government is not directly involved in ransomware attacks, they are not taking steps to stop the activity.”

On the other hand, there has been a “take” from there, according to FireE’s Mandate data. ransomware In recent days, the attackers, the firm said on Twitter.

But Russia’s promises to crack down on criminals working in Russia are by no means clear. Even after the Biden administration shared criminal information with Moscow, the White House noted on Tuesday that it had not yet seen much Russian work to eliminate the ransom.

“We have shared information about specific criminals inside Russia and Russia has taken initial steps,” said a senior administration official. “We’ll see follow-on in this area.”

Dmitry Alprovich, co-founder of the security firm Crowd Strike, told the Daily Beast that the United States would be a good precondition for arresting criminal actors before Russia joins these anti-ransomware meetings. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anytime soon.

Alprovich, chairman of the Silverido Policy Accelerator, told the Daily Beast.

The senior official said the Biden administration hopes this week will be the center of discussion around holding accountable states that allow criminals to operate within their jurisdiction.

Chris Painter, the former US government’s top cyber diplomat, suggested that leaving Russia was a good opportunity for the United States this week to work with allies on a new strategy to target Putin for certain criminal actors. Prepare

“We have not seen any significant progress on the part of Moscow in pursuing groups operating in its territory,” Painter told the Daily Beast. It makes sense to bring like-minded countries together to discuss how to put pressure on Russia.

Painter added that Summit and Sunb send a message to Moscow: “We are not just waiting forever, we are leaving … We will do whatever we can after this issue, even if you do not cooperate. Do it. ”

Painter suggested that Russia would not co-operate or act on any law enforcement information published in Moscow unless the Kremlin received anything in return. However, Putin certainly has the question of whether he has the authority to eliminate cybercriminals.

He said Russia had never cooperated on cybercrime.

The summit, to be the first of many, will focus on four key objectives, in which representatives from several countries will discuss. Australia will discuss how to best stop ransomware gangs. The UK will discuss better control of virtual currencies. Germany will focus on how diplomatic dialogue fits into the crackdown. And India will lead the debate on resilience against ransomware attacks.

Other participants this week include Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Estonia, the European Union, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria and Poland. , South Korea, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates.


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