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John Groden’s Censorship: Why Conservatives Reject the Results of Free Speech

As soon as it was announced that John Groden was stepping down as coach of the Las Vegas Riders, The right-wing pundits will only erupt in anger at the oppression they will justify.: The alleged victim of a fanatic is responsible for his ugly words.

It all began when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ordered an investigation into alleged workplace abuse at the Washington football team, in which Groden, a television analyst, described the players’ union. Made fun of de Morris Smith . “Dumboris Smith’s lips are the size of Michelin’s tires,” Gordon wrote in an email to Bruce Allen. The president of a team called Flatout Racial Odor.. Similarly A collection of reports about what Groden wrote in the emails came to light.Including mocking female referees, making a fuss about the league hiring “queries” and getting angry that players who show racist police violence should be expelled.

Gruden employee What Author Jamil Boi has ridiculed the defense of “racist bones”.. The large amount of rubbish coming out of his keyboard, however, made it abundantly clear that Groden could not remain in a high-level administrative position. Being a boss means being able to clearly show respect for the people working under you. Groden can never do that again.

But, of course, in right-wing circles, another of Groden’s great martyrs fell victim to the so-called “demands to abolish culture.”

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Conservative pundits dismissed the content of Groden’s writings as “off-color” or “an opinion that was not PC.” Talk show host Charlie Kirk cast Groden. As a real victim of discrimination, he insisted that he was targeted because he was “a white, Catholic, conservative man.” Steven Cruder, another right-wing speaker, Announcement“What I’ve read here is not offensive or fiery.” Unfortunately, this gambit got a lift. Humorous-heavy coverage offered by the New York Times., Which avoided direct citations in favor of mostly vague explanations, which could give whiners a little wiggle room to show that emails weren’t so bad.

But really, all these concerns about “free speech” and consequential prejudice are in clear disbelief. The same conservatives who are waving their hands because a rich coach retired early and pushed the national liberation movement backwards in order to suppress free speech and forceful, challenging discourse in education. It’s just that the opinions, facts and ideologies they want to censor are the ones that support the idea of ​​equality. In other words, the right is not for free speech. They just want a world where it is safe for sects – but not for anyone else.

A year from now, It is in the right of arms what the conspiracy theory is. Something they call “critical race theory” is taught in public schools, although they find it difficult to believe in “critical race theory.” In fact, it is an educational theory that is widely taught in law schools and other undergraduate courses, not in public schools or at the undergraduate level. But almost no one in the right-wing Paronia class uses the term correctly, instead using it as a terrifying term to intimidate. Conservative white people who do not want their children to come home with uncomfortable questions. About the history of slavery or gym.

This fake threat is being used for a real campaign to eliminate educational materials or classroom lessons that could force students to misunderstand racism. Nationwide, Republican-led state lawmakers began billing. Under the guise of banning “critical race theory” that has actually been written quite extensively. Make it difficult for teachers to teach basic history lessons about slavery, segregation and the civil rights movement..

All of this led to a national rush of book bans and other censorship efforts in schools, focusing primarily on suppressing information about racism, but also on suppressing information about sexual or diverse sexual identities. It was also spreading towards efforts.

“We’re seeing a real effort in the United States to denigrate any work related to race or the experience of black, indigenous or colored people,” said Deborah Caldwell Stone, director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Told Education Week.. He added that the excuse is always “critical race theory”, although “these actions have nothing to do with the main critique of the race.”

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The effects are far more devastating. Some rich white boy had to quit a dignified job. To live a life of luxury.. The New York Times has a good place for Amelia Nerenberg. Some of the more dangerous examples, for example, Pennsylvania Conservatives have succeeded in banning (temporarily) books. “From the perspective of homosexuals, blacks and Latin children.” Jerry Craft, whose New Berry-winning book “New baby“Tells the story of a black student who was trying to enter a mostly white school, not just a school district in Texas. But the author himself was prevented from coming to school.. And throughout the Midwest, Conservatives are not just banning content that teaches children about sex and sexual identity., But threatens to sue teachers for “child porn” for having sex education content.

In a school district of Missouri, A black administrator was fired by white parents. Who were angry that the school was reading books that taught that racism was real, including “Ron’s big mission.“The story of a black astronaut who had to overcome racism in the 1950s to get an education. In a school district in Georgia, black students used racial slurs against a group of white students to raise the Confederate flag. Accused of showing. Protest against racism, The school punished the black administrators..

Together, what becomes clear is that the right has no interest in “free speech”, neither its legal definition (restrictions on government powers of censorship) nor much broader about it. Discuss what is acceptable language and what is not. Workplace or public sphere. They just want a society where racists and other bigots can say whatever they want without hesitation, while those who support social justice – or just want to teach children the truth about American history. Are – are silent.

Cancels of “canceled culture” are just skinny thugs. They want to abuse other people freely, but lose their mind on any pushback, no matter how important – or how soft. The hysterics on John Groden are very similar, trying to divert attention from the fact that the real censors in American culture are mostly on the right.

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