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John Stewart believes that ‘abrogated culture’ is a myth.

On Sunday night, the 22nd annual New Yorker Festival closed with a virtual conversation between John Stewart and. New Yorker Editor David Remnick

Former Daily show. The host discussed a variety of topics, including his new – and Definitely more seriousApple TV + talk show, Problem with John Stewart, A Trump 2024 race (“It’s a Great Opportunity”), and how he spent his time leaving the Trailblazing Comedy Central program, which he has been a frontrunner for 16 years.

“For me personally, the way I experienced life was complete,” Stewart said of his departure. “I spent a lot of time alone. Daily show.Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But it was useless. ”

Stewart told Remnick that during his time away from the air, he began playing drums, driving and reading for pleasure – plus, of course, fighting for the benefits of the first 9/11 respondents and veterans of the war.

People who talk about the culture of cancellation never stop talking about it.

The most interesting part of their chat is about the so-called cancellation culture, or the idea that people are being unfairly “canceled” to give their immovable opinion. It has become an obsession between comedians and right-wing pundits, in particular, who feel that society has become too politically correct-despite evidence that people are actually being collectively rejected. Yes, and not just criticized. Process, the paper is thin.

“People who talk about abolitionist culture never stop talking about it,” Stewart offered. “Like, there’s more speech now than ever before. It’s not that you can’t say that, it’s that when you say that – look, the Internet has democratized criticism. What can we do to survive?” And it’s not about abolishing culture, it’s about cruelty. We live in one. Unconstrained Culture and the Internet system and everything else inspires us to find and increase our pressure points.

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