Johnson tells Macron that UK-French joint patrols can curb migrant crossings


As per plans laid out by Hrithik border officials could begin patrols in northern France as soon as next week boris johnson in a letter to Emmanuel Macron

NS Prime minister He set out his proposals – which also saw the operation of British ships in French waters – as he told the French president that “we must move together more rapidly” to deal with the migrant crisis.

The Home Office said officials would be in Paris on Friday for talks, with Priti Patel heading to Calais on Sunday as efforts to resolve the problem intensified in the wake of the tragedy, which saw at least 27 people crossing the English Channel. He was killed while trying.

President Macron said on Thursday he was requesting “extra help” from the UK as officials revealed that pregnant women and children died after a boat sank on their way to the UK on Wednesday.

The prime minister said the plan, which includes joint patrols and a bilateral withdrawal agreement to prevent the boats from leaving France, would have an “immediate and significant impact” on the crossing.

He also suggested that the deal would be in the interest of France by breaking the business model of criminal gangs running the business of people smuggling from Normandy.

Under Mr Johnson’s proposals:

Joint patrols will prevent more boats from leaving French beaches.

Advanced technology like sensors and radar will be deployed to track the gangs of migrants and people smuggling.

Joint or mutual maritime patrol in each other’s territorial waters and aerial surveillance by manned flights and drones.

The work of Joint Intelligence Cell will be improved with better real-time intelligence sharing to distribute more arrests and indictments on both sides of the channel.

There will be urgent work on a bilateral return agreement with France to allow migrants to be repatriated across the Channel, along with talks to establish a UK-EU return agreement.

Mr Johnson calls for “immediate progress” on joint UK patrols border force Joint deployment of officers and French lings, or private security contractors.


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