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The judge who did not speak to the media on Monday. John Mara and Steve Tisch did not say anything publicly about the judge.

The security of the head coach’s job was the question of Black Monday, and the organization, strangely, hung it in the balance deep into the week.

He hung it through an afternoon meeting between Judge and Giants co-owners in East Rutherford, a candid conversation about the direction of the franchise and the team.

Where it stands, it appears, that Mara and Tisch are giving the judge an opportunity to present their vision for a third year, while together. Interview demands with multiple GM candidates Who can choose to hire a different coach.

In other words, they have kept their options open — or remained on the fence — rather than commit in any way.

Judge’s own proposed reforms will undoubtedly have to begin with a complete overhaul of the less-than-aggressive coaching staff. A GM with a shared vision should also be on the wish list.

So it appears in his favor that the Giants requested an interview with Monty Ossenfort, the Titans’ director of player personnel, which goes back to the 2012 New England Patriots judge.

Such a prompt request for negotiations without outright dismissing the judge means that Mara and Tisch are at least willing to listen, it appears.

On the other hand, the Giants’ GM search has already cast a wide net for several candidates who have no relation to the judge, including Adrian Wilson (Cardinals), Adam Peters (49ers) and Ryan Carthon (49ers) late Monday night. Are included.

And Mara’s statement that the next GM will oversee “all aspects of our football operations”, including coaching, clearly indicated that the judge could be fired once the hire is made, whenever it is made.

That’s why assistant coaches were demanding updates and clarity on Monday night, and some players were resigned to not knowing the judge’s fate for “weeks”.

Because when the judges were doing “business as usual” during players’ morning exit interviews, morning coaches’ meetings, and afternoon team meetings, no one knew for sure.

“Um, I really don’t know how to answer that,” Saxon Barkley said of the judge’s position, shrugging his shoulders on a Zoom call.

“It wasn’t like he announced he was coming back,” said security Logan Ryan. “Everything was just as planned.”

The judge had enough self-assurance at their team meeting to convince Dexter Lawrence that he would still be their coach in 2022.

“Yeah, that’s what I believe, yes,” said Lawrence.

But the Giants typically manipulated Monday’s public relations from behind the scenes, rather than operating with the judge out front and center.

The Giants’ PR team had no advance knowledge throughout the day of whether the judge or proprietorship would be talking, and if so, when. He produced a last-minute knowledge of unknown player interview at 1 p.m., and then unexpectedly produced a long list of players on the virtual stage.

All of them had to give strange answers for the job security of the judge.

“I’m not sure,” said defensive lineman Leonard Williams of the judge’s position. “I haven’t heard anything today to say otherwise. I love the guy, honestly. I love the way he plays, and I love playing for him.”

Quarterback Daniel Jones said the players knew the judge’s job was the topic of the day.

“You always hear speculation and it’s part of the NFL,” Jones said. “You hear that stuff, but it’s not our job. Our job now is to get better as a team.”

The quarterback said he has a “great relationship” with the judge and added, “I look forward to building this thing up and winning more games.”

“Joe Judge is my head coach,” Lawrence said. “I love him. I appreciate every hard thing about that program and the organization he brings, the discipline he tries to teach us and the fight that you put into us every week. But let’s see.”

Lawrence may have revealed the most about Judge’s day, however, when describing the coach’s message to the players at the afternoon team meeting.

He said the judge told him he was going to “try to improve us as a team and as a coach.”

It seems a coach is taking responsibility for his own flaws and mistakes.

Of course, the judge took that accountability with him in his conversations with Mara and Tish, along with a plan to get all this right if he lives.

Whether this is enough to explain the Giants’ ownership is anyone’s guess. If the judge got any clarity on that question on Monday, he was alone.


The Giants signed eight players to futures contracts on Monday: QB Brian Laverke, LBS Trent Harris and Omari Cobb, OT Devery Hamilton, TE Jake Hausmann, DT David Moe, DE Nico Lalos and WR Travis Toivonen. All were on the practice team at some point this season.

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