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Kamala Harris condemned the nation’s shameful past for promoting Biden’s social welfare package.

Vice President Kamala Harris told Native American leaders of the administration’s major spending plans that it would help the nation learn about its “shameful past” in which European explorers wreaked havoc on Native Americans. The wave started. ”

It has backed President Biden’s 1. 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and 3.5 3.5 trillion social welfare plans, which are pending in Congress.

Addressing the 78th Annual Convention of the US Congress in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday, Ms. Harris said Columbus Day, recognized by President Biden as “Indigenous People’s Day,” It’s time to dump her and move on. ”

“For decades, the nation has used this holiday to celebrate explorers. But that’s not the whole story. It’s never been the whole story,” he said.

“These searchers started a wave of destruction for the tribal peoples, tortured them, stole their lands and spread the disease,” Ms Harris said. “We must not move away from this shameful past.”

Ms. Harris said the cost package would build bridges and increase broadband service on Native American lands.

“This bill represents our nation’s largest infrastructure investment since the Second World War and presents an important opportunity to strengthen the Indian nation at this time,” he said. “And just as local communities have led the way in protecting our environment from generation to generation, I must also say that this bill will add millions of dollars to ensuring that our communities are resilient to climate change.” ”

“I firmly believe that we now have the opportunity to change things, to make things better, to be better for this generation and the next seven generations.” Based on how they will affect the future.

Ms. Harris used her speech in Congress to push for Democratic bills that would block electoral security laws in Republican-administered states, reiterating the Left’s claims that it would target Native Americans and other minorities. “Systematically denied access to the” ballot box. ”

Mr Biden’s spending bill and the election law bill are stalled in Congress. The two spending bills, part of Mr Biden’s legislative agenda, are embroiled in a democratic battle. The election bill cannot overcome the opposition of the Senate Republicans.

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