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Kamala Harris NASA video shows child actors.

Vice President Kamala de Harris was already being harassed for her extreme appearance in a YouTube children’s video about NASA, and then on Monday it was rumored that the children involved were child actors.

YouTube Originals Kids & Family Episode. Posted On Thursday, Ms. Harris explores outer space and offers life tips in conversations with five extraordinary and well-spoken young men at the White House.

“You guys are going to see, you will literally see the pit on the moon with your own eyes! With your own eyes!” Ms. Harris said pointing to her own eyes. “I’m telling you, it would be incredible. So this is one of the things we can do here, which makes it very interesting.

Social media reviews were ruthless, calling her performance “admirable” and mocking her “fake enthusiasm”, but some children left on Monday after quitting that she was a professional actor. Yes, satire raised a level.

On a sunday Interview On KSBW-TV in Monterey, California, 13-year-old Trevor Bernardino said he auditioned for the role by submitting a mullah video and interviewing the director of production.

“Then, a week later, my agent called me and it was like, ‘Hey, Trevor, you booked it,'” said the young man.

Zuriel Tapu, a 12-year-old representing New Orleans-based talent agency Crew Collective, tweeted about her appearance on Thursday and attached a picture of Ms. Harris with five children. Another actor, Derek Brooks II, Joint Video on her Instagram page, including posts about her appearance in a recent movie.

On Monday, Mediaite. picked up Interview with Mr. Bernardino, and Trevor’s father, Carlo Bernardino. told The five children featured in the Washington Examiner’s “Vice President Harris with Episode” were actors.

As far as Michigan State Representative Andrew Funk is concerned, he is very clear.

Republican Mr. Funk tweeted, “It finally makes sense when kids Harris was talking to them as if they were kindergarteners.”

Daniel Turner, founder of Power the Future, tweeted: “She has fake kids and her fake video has fake passion.”

NASA astronaut Shane Cambro was also featured on the International Space Station, a special spacecraft built by Entertainment in Toronto.

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