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Kanye West offers Wyoming Farm, a business site for sale.

Cody, View (AP) – Rapper, Music producer and clothing business. Kenny West Has put of that Farm & Business Properties For Sale in Northwest Wyoming

Western Farm, formerly called. Monster Lake. The ranch hit the market on Monday for 11 million. The property is spread over six square miles of open land and wooded hills and about six miles to the south. Cody.

According to the DBW reality listing, the property includes lakes, a lodge, a commercial kitchen, appliance sheds, a horse facility, corals and a go-kart track.

This list comes just days after the Western list. of that Seven commercial properties Cody For more than $ 3.2 million. Cody Enterprise Is informed.

The farm, which leases additional US-owned land, is listed for 13.3 million before the West bought it in 2019, although it is not known how much. They Payment for property. The Wyoming Law does not provide for public disclosure of the amount of real estate sales.

West moved to Wyoming from California in 2019 and began to base at least some. of that Clothing business Cody, A town of about 10,000 on the eastern view of Yellowstone National Park.

It was not clear if the sale of the property meant leaving West Wyoming or just reorganizing. of that Business there. They. There is no contact list or publisher with contact information.

West, 44, filed for legal change this year. of that To name of that Aliases, yes, and for divorce from Kim Kardashian West. The couple has four children.

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