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Katana Crown turns to Tuck Tuck to find her sister, Courtney Bryan, who is missing in the woods.

“Hey tick tock, I need you guys to do my job, please. My sister is missing.”

It is a heartbreaking plea that Katana Kroen made her 31,900. Followers of Tik Tok three days ago. About his 32-year-old sister Courtney Bryan. Brian, a Patagonian employee, was last heard with his dog Butch in the Shasta National Forest in Sacramento Valley on September 23, police said.

“No calls or texts have been sent from his phone,” Cron said in the video, which has now been viewed more than half a million times. She also showed Brian’s last Instagram post from which she went missing, showing Brian in the Hunt Hot Springs near Big Band – about an hour’s drive from the national forest.

Reno Police Department. Brian’s three-week-old disappearance is now under investigation, with his younger sister insisting he is out of character. Interviewed by NBC News.Brian, who lives in Reno, came to work at the Patagonia Repair Department on Sept. 22, but took a few days off to mourn the death of his grandfather a week ago, Corvin said. What was the intention

Authorities believe Brian went to Shasta National Forest the next day with his red Subaru Outback and his black and white Border Cole Wolf Mix. Not found.

“It’s understandable that she wants to run away,” Cron said. “But she would have come back by now. She wouldn’t have bothered us.”

Brian’s family said it took about four days, and she wasn’t coming to work, to let them know something was wrong. After reporting his disappearance on September 27, authorities discovered that Brian’s last phone calls and texts were in the national jungle, including to a friend at 9:03 pm on September 23, which included a link to just one spotty song. Was .

“She’s a free spirit and often travels alone,” Coron told NBC, but she would tell us when she returned. She would check in with someone. ”

Over the past two weeks, authorities say they have received numerous reports of Brian – although no one has been confirmed to be 32 years old. Since Crohn’s tick, however, the number of reported views – and attention to the case itself – has increased. The three videos Coron posted with the updates have been viewed by approximately 6650,000 people.

“It works for other cases and missing persons,” Cron said of his decision to go to a video platform to spread the word about his sister. “So now I’m hoping Tuck Tuck will come for us. Please help me find my sister. “

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