Killer Daniel Ainsley sentenced to life in prison for ‘horrific’ bedsit murder

The knifeman who killed the friend who gave him a roof over his head has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Daniel Liam Ainsley, 24, planned and executed the murder shortly after leaving the hospital on March 5.

He went straight to a supermarket where he bought a set of kitchen knives.

Picking up one weapon, which he stuck to his waist belt, he got rid of the rest and walked a mile to Mark Wolsey’s bed in Mayfield Avenue, Harrogate.

As the 48-year-old victim tried to save herself, she stabbed the victim several times before releasing her knife.

Mr Wolsey, 48, suffered 37 injuries, including superficial injuries, when he tried to save his life.

Ainsley, who had no definite address, denied the charge of murder on the grounds of lesser responsibility, but admitted to murder.

he was convicted by a jury Leeds Crown Court last month.

The murder verdict replaces his plea of ​​guilty murder.

Today he was sentenced to life imprisonment, of which he must serve at least 22 years before applying for parole.

If released from prison, he will be on a prison license for life.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Superintendent Fran Naughton, head of crime at North Yorkshire Police, said: “I am pleased with today’s sentence and the court previously agreed with the prosecution that it was clearly a case of murder, nothing more not less.

“My thoughts are with Mark’s mother, children and his wider family, who had to sit through the trial and hear the horrific details of his death.

“Nothing can bring Mark back, but I hope his loved ones can find some comfort in the knowledge that justice has now been done.”

Ainsley was homeless when Mr. Wolsey offered to place him in a Mayfield Avenue bedsheet.

Late on 5 March, Ainsley claimed Mr Wolsey had taken his medicine and persuaded police to take him to Harrogate Hospital to get some more.

He had a history of alcohol and substance abuse and a complicated psychiatric history.

After leaving the hospital, he went to the Asda Superstore in Bower Road, Harrogate, where he bought knives.

Not far from the store, he inspected his purchases, selected the murder weapon and dropped the rest in the trash on or near the street.

Watch Ainsley buy and pick up a murder weapon and walk up to Mayfield Grove

After killing Mr. Wolsey, he called emergency services and told them what he had done.

But he claimed that his mental state at the time meant he was not guilty of murder.

A psychiatrist providing evidence for the prosecution told the jury that Ainsley’s actions were consistent with a premeditated murder and that hiding the weapon in his trousers showed he understood it was wrong.

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