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Kirsten Cinema ends Senate talks on fundraising trip to Europe

The San Kirsten Cinema, de Aries, which has emerged as the biggest way for President Joe Biden’s Bloodback Improvement Project, left Washington this week to raise funds for Europe.

Cinema, which has been criticized by Biden and fellow Senate Democrats. To be confused And about his demands Refuse to bow Opposed to rising costs and higher taxes, he participated in a fundraiser for the Democratic Central Campaign Committee, a spokesman said. New York Times.

A source told the outlet that the fundraiser was in Paris, but it was not clear if the senator was actually urged to leave by party officials. The cinema office did not say how long she would be away, which countries she was visiting, which she was paying to visit or whether she was also raising funds for her campaign, although sources told the Times. He said his team plans to hold meetings in Paris. And London. DSCC chairman Sean Gary Peters, like DeMitch and almost all Democrats who supported Biden’s proposal, traveled to London’s fundraiser, which charged up to ، 36,500 per ticket. , But the name of the cinema did not appear. Invitation to this event

Lawmakers are barred from raising money from foreign sources, but members of Congress occasionally travel abroad to solicit donations from overseas Americans, who are wealthy and well-connected.

The visit comes amid ongoing talks on Biden’s plan. Cinema and Sen Joey Manchin, the DWVA, are the only Senate holdouts blocking the proposal, which is supported by 48 other Democrats. (That includes two independents who work with Democrats, Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.) Cinema spokesman John La Bombard told the Times he has continued talks.

He said, “So far this week, Senator Cinema has made several calls – including to President Biden, the White House team, Senator Schmidt’s team, and other members of the Senate and House – to continue discussions on the proposed budget reconciliation package. For. ” “That conversation is ongoing.”

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But Biden and Cinema’s Senate colleagues have complained that the first-term senator has not had much real dialogue.

Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, recently criticized the cinema for not telling its colleagues what it would support in the bill.

Sen Cinema’s position is that it does not communicate in public. He said last week. “I don’t know what that means. We don’t know where she’s coming from. Tell us what you want.”

Other senators have similarly accused the cinema of stoning their party. An unnamed Democratic senator said. Politico. That cinema recently said, “I will not share with you or with Shammar or with Pelosi. I have already told the White House what I am ready to do and what I am not ready to do. “I’m not mysterious. It’s not that I can’t make up my mind. I told them in detail. They don’t like what they’re hearing.”

Biden has also been “disappointed” after hours of talks with the cinema, and has complained to lawmakers that the cinema does not “deviate” from its position in negotiations and does not always “return calls from the White House.” According to CNN.

Arizona senators, meanwhile, have been at the forefront of fundraising. Pharmaceutical industry And Corporate groups Attempts to kill key parts of the bill continue to take time to meet with donors.

Last month, the cinema. Held a fundraiser With five business groups opposing the bill, attendees receive up to ، 5,800 for a 45-minute event. Earlier this month, Cinema left Washington for Arizona, where she attended a formal donor “retreat” at a top-notch resort and spa. New York Times.

Cinema’s refusal to include members of its own party has spread to its constituencies, who have complained that the cinema Will not meet them In his office and Not a single town hall was held. Several groups have already begun efforts since his election. Raise money in support of the Democratic Primary Challenger. In 2024. Arizona protesters continued to escalate tensions after repeatedly confronting the senator this month, even hacking him during a class at Arizona State University and Behind it in a campus restroom.. Intercept. Reported That Cinema teaches an ASU class on fundraising, including ways to cultivate “big individual donors”, “opportunistic fundraising” and “corporate singing”.

Cinema’s position has particularly troubled Democrats because their demands conflict with Manchin’s. The West Virginia senator, whose conservative stance is well-understood and reasonably consistent, called for allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription costs and at least a Trump tax on corporations and the rich. Some have expressed support for reversing the shortfall. Cinema appears to oppose both proposals, as do their corporate supporters. Democrats see them as key elements in financing their key proposals.

Sources close to Biden said that theaters and cinemas want very different things in terms of revenue and programs. Politico.. “If you take the red lines they have just presented, you will not have much left to get the progressives of the past in the House and the Senate.

Cinema pool numbers in Arizona have created a rift between Democrats and independents. Although he is still three years away from a possible re-election, a New survey Data for Progress on Thursday showed that 70 per cent of expected primary voters have a negative opinion of cinema, compared to 85 per cent who have a positive opinion about fellow Sen. Mark Kelly, de Aries, who is running for the next election. Are ready The year survey found that cinema lags behind the four potential progressive key challengers included in the survey.

But his position has garnered some support from Republican lawmakers, who have praised him for thwarting Biden’s agenda. San Ted Cruz, R. Texas, praised the name of the cinema this week. “Radicals stand on the left” The proposal is opposed by almost all congressional Democrats Strong majority of voters. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Coordinated your strategy. Debt stalemate with Cinema and Manchin last week reportedly backed out of opposition to raising the debt limit to pressure both Democrats to vote for filebuster reforms.

A group closely linked to McConnell is launching a 10 10 million advertising campaign this week, paid for by unknown donors, attacking Democrats over a 3.5 trillion proposal. The Washington Post.. The group’s Arizona ad targets Kelly, who supports the proposal, and “takes an unusual approach to praise; cinema, a moderate and McConnell’s favorite Democrat.”

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