Several reasons are to blame for the Warriors’ slow start this year. Klay Thompson’s inconsistent shooting. Poor defense. The second unit to bleed leads, led by Jordan Poole’s erratic play. Record 0-8 ahead of Sunday’s game in Houston.

Thompson took a significant step out of the rut.

The Warriors picked up their first away win, 127-120, against the bottom-placed Rockets in the Western Conference. Thompson had 10 three-pointers on his way to 41 points.

Thompson received plenty of help from Steph Curry, who took the lead in the second half, finishing with 33 points and 15 assists.

Andrew Wiggins scored 22 points, including six three-pointers.

“Long overdue but we’re happy with the win and we’ve done a lot of good things offensively,” said head coach Steve Kerr. “We moved the ball beautifully and shot ourselves in the foot, allowing them to get back in the game.”

Thompson scored 20 points, shooting 7-of-9 in the first quarter, including 5-of-6-3, and looked much more focused on the flow of the game than in previous games. Whereas Thompson had previously hunted and pounced on his shots, he was more picky about his choice and sought out an extra pass. It paid off, leading Golden State to a 12-point lead at the end of the first quarter.

“I really wanted a game like this, so it was great to let it fly,” said Thompson.

Thompson scored an easy 20 with four 3-pointers in a win over the Knicks after the player’s only team game on Friday morning. Thompson said Draymond Green had a conversation with him that stuck.

“When Klay is worried about what’s going on with this team, Klay is playing great and we’re winning,” said Green. “He’s the most competitive guy I’ve ever played with, the most important thing for him has always been winning. At a time when we’re all drifting away from who we are. The Brotherhood restores who we are. I have no doubt that if it were me, he would do the same.”

Despite Thompson’s excellent quarter, in the second quarter, second-unit fighting came back into play. The Rockets scored 13 unanswered points in the first two minutes, interrupted by a high-flying Jonathan Kuming dunk.

Drop as much as nine by the end of the second quarter, Curry – who had failed to score in the first quarter – took the lead to secure a five-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter.

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