Klay Thompson’s return takes Golden State to a whole new level

It’s been almost 1,000 days since Klay Thompson played for the Golden State Warriors.

It’s been almost 1,000 days since the Splash Brothers got together in court.

About 1,000 days later the fire at Drummond Green was combined with ice.

Almost 1,000 days of the Golden State Warriors were actually complete.

Thompson will open the season against the Cavaliers at the Chase Center on Sunday. He has returned.

And there are warriors too.

The story of this Warriors season so far has been the astonishing success of the team. Even those who had high hopes from this team did not see this start coming.

Steph Curry, Green, Andre Iguodala, the originals of the 2015 NBA Champions, reunited this year, apparently to reclaim the throne. They’re the warriors as we really know them – only this reboot hasn’t been disappointing. No, Dubs has added some serious reinforcements to the core — excellent support — and, in return, this Warriors team is as deep as ever. So while the Warriors have done their best against the best this season, they have shown that they are once again the team to beat in this league.

The truth is that he didn’t need Thompson to play championship-caliber basketball.

But, honestly, this reunion tour lacked a key member of the band. Yes, they’re back to hit songs, but the music just didn’t sound the same without Thompson.