Klay Thompson is warming up. He is showing signs he is almost back to being the influencer the Warriors need.

He’s not there yet. Trouble is, the Rangers can’t wait for him anymore.

The Warriors’ defeat to Heat in Miami on Tuesday was the perfect round-up of the two Klay Thompsons now fighting for supremacy.

We saw a struggling, out of sync Thompson – Washed Klay – in Miami.

This player is one step slow in defense. He failed to finish two against one. Made two critical 3-point kicks during the crisis.

It’s a Thompson we’ve seen all too often since the start of the season – a Thompson who looks like he hasn’t been in a fight all summer because, well, he wasn’t. Thompson, who missed two and a half seasons with catastrophic lower body injuries.

But while this Thompson was in Miami on Tuesday, we saw more of the other Thompson against the Heat as well.

We’ve seen a few episodes of The Old Klay.

That Thompson is as much a two-way influencer as he is in the league. He is a dead eye shooter and a blockade defender whose game is flashless at all. That Thompson is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and while it’s not that obvious, as the season progresses, the Warriors are creeping into the games more and more.

The Warriors’ goal this season is to repeat themselves as champions. This means playing until mid-June. This is so far, guys.

But Thompson’s understandable advances leave no doubt that he will be a consistent, influential player until the playoffs, if not until the calendar jumps to 2023.

The problem is that the Warriors could use this player right now, in the first week of November.

3-5 in a season there is no reason for Warriors to panic. It’s just too early, and the Rangers haven’t done anything really disqualifying yet.

But Thompson’s struggles during the first few weeks of the season showed just how difficult it is to implement the Warriors’ two-timeline philosophy – especially for a team that has serious expectations on its shoulders.

Warriors want to believe that growth and victory can occur simultaneously. They claim last season’s championship proved it could.

The two timelines are about winning now and winning. It’s an all-or-nothing assumption.

And now the Warriors are not winning.

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