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Kyoto “felt bad” for staying away from the SF Giants’ NLDS roster against the LA Dodgers.

San Francisco-Johnny Kyoto has only made five appearances in the last two months of the season due to elbow problems, but the experienced right-hander said on Saturday that he “felt bad” to be out of the Giants’ NLDS roster. ۔

“My first reaction was that I felt bad,” Cueto told’s Justice de las Santos and KNBR’s Danny Emerman through an interpreter before the NLDS game 2 against the Dodgers. “Number one, because it never happened to me. Throughout my career, I made the team. But when the manager told me I wasn’t on the roster, I obviously felt bad.

Kyoto, who took to the field after a season with the Reds, Royals and Giants during his 14-year career, was as comfortable as possible for the best five-game series against the Dodgers. Her solitary presence in September was a relief. But manager Gabe Kepler and his crew went with hard-hitting relief Zack Little and Karvin Castro.

Kyoto, 35, said he was not upset to hear the news in a phone conversation with Kepler on Thursday night, but acknowledged that he was “restless”.

“I’m sorry to hear this on the phone, because you don’t want to hear that kind of news on the phone,” Kyoto told reporters.

Asked about the phone exchange during Saturday’s pregame media session, Kepler said Kyoto handled the news “like a supporter” and that the couple wanted to discuss the decision in person, but logistics did not allow them. Forced to talk on the phone.

“When we decided on the post-season roster, almost everyone left the ballpark,” Kepler said. “(I) called Johnny and he said, ‘I personally like to talk.’ I said goodbye, I’ll come see you wherever you are. Johnny decided he wanted to talk on the phone because it would obviously take some time to get out and meet him.

“I would have loved to have had a drink with him and talked to him. Then the next day we talked about it in person, sat down and discussed it and he was a complete supporter of it.

Kyoto qualifies for the NLCS roster if the Giants overtake the Dodgers.

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