Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is not known for avoiding controversy, but the quarterback – who is of Native American descent – gently asked about his plans for Thanksgiving.

Some fans thought he acted unfairly.

On Wednesday night, when he scored 29 points against the Toronto Raptors, the YES network reported that he asked the controversial soccer player if he had a message for fans heading out for the holiday weekend.

“I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving especially, but everyone who gets together with their families bless all of you,” Irving said. “Enjoy your vacation, not a vacation for me, but please enjoy your food for me.”

Then he smiled and left the court after making this seemingly innocuous if not very well researched query.

Irving said his grandmother and mother were members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in Dakota. He has a tattoo on his neck honoring the Sioux. Due to his background, Irving has said that he does not see Thanksgiving as a time of celebration.

When asked about his plans for Thanksgiving in 2018, Irving replied “fk Thanksgiving”. CBS sports.

His fans on Twitter praised his composure and some wondered if he was a decoy. The 30-year-old star has had no trouble finding controversy throughout his NBA career.

Last week, he apologized to the Jewish community for promoting a film with an anti-Semitic message. He just finished serving a five-game suspension for posting a link to this video online.

Irving missed a solid portion of his team’s 2021-22 season as he refused to comply with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate. He stands by this decision. In October 2018, Irving apologized to teachers for claiming the Earth was flat.

“I was very interested in conspiracies at the time,” he admitted at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston.

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