The young Los Angeles Lakers fan received a surprise of a lifetime over the weekend, thanks to newcomer Lakers and NBA champion Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Arriving at the opening ceremony for the new WSS retail facility in Anaheim, California, Toscano-Anderson was taking photos and signing autographs when one fan – wearing a yellow LeBron James # 6 T-shirt – caught his attention.

After taking the photo and exchanging a quick punch, Toscano-Anderson found out that the boy’s birthday was just around the corner and set the wheels in motion to commemorate that would last a lifetime.

“Happy birthday!” Toscano-Anderson exclaims.

“What are you going to do for your birthday?” he continues. “You should come to the Laker game! I’ll leave you tickets for your birthday. I’ll leave you two tickets! “

Originally posted on the official WSS Instagram, the video of the touching interaction of Twitter user Chris Montano has garnered over 18,000 likes and has been viewed over 417,000 times.

Despite a difficult start to the 2022-2023 NBA season, with the Lakers losing their first five games while also struggling to include LeBron James stars Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, there is optimism that Toscano-Anderson can provide a much needed spark to the bench.

This season, 15.3 minutes per game has an average of 3 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1 assist, but has been struggling with an ankle injury for two weeks.

Juan Toscano-Anderson of the Los Angeles Lakers is defended by Kenta Bazemore of the Sacramento Kings during the second half at the Arena on October 3, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Toscano-Anderson charmed the internet on Sunday after offering a young fan two tickets to the game during a meeting and welcome.
Kevork Djansezian / Stringer via Getty Images

Toscano-Anderson, who became the first Mexican player to win the NBA Finals in June, signed a one-year contract worth $ 1.9 million with the Lakers this off-season, after spending three seasons at the Golden State Warriors.

The Oakland-based Toscano-Anderson California relationship was evident throughout his career. And while the 29-year-old made the leap from The Bay to LA, fans around the world continue to cheer on the unused utility player.

“Hello Juan Toscano-Anderson forever, it made me very happy,” Montano tweeted, signing a video of touching fan interaction.

“This is [just] one of the reasons we LOVE JTA in the bay, ”@CliftKenneth replied. “The local boy makes us proud.”

“A simple gesture by Juan Toscano-Anderson created a lifelong memory of this kid and his family on his birthday. It was a class act, ”said another Twitter user. “Kudos is JTA.”

“I will always love JTA and its story,” he tweeted @ schwifty00. “A really great human right out there.”

Newsweek contacted the Los Angeles Lakers for comment.

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