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LA Port truck drivers win ڈالر 30 million in wage theft settlements.

XPO Logistics, one of the world’s largest trucking companies, on Tuesday agreed to pay 30 30 million to settle class action lawsuits filed by hundreds of drivers who said they had moved to Los Angeles. And shipments from Long Beach ports to large retailers have earned less than the minimum wage. .

The joint settlements, approved by U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner, cleared up allegations that the two XPO subsidiaries, XPO Logistics Cartridge. In Commerce and San Diego. XPO port service. In Rancho Dominguez, drivers were paid less than the legal wage, failed to pay their meals and rest periods, and failed to pay business expenses or waiting time fines.

The settlements are a major victory for the international community of Temasters, who hailed the trials as part of decades-long efforts to manage the more than 25,000 drivers at the Twin Ports.

Trucking companies classify many of their drivers as independent contractors, thus disqualifying them from protecting workers, including the ability to bargain collectively for wages.

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