Lansing Cat’s death continues to be investigated even after eyewitnesses are found

Police are investigating the death of a cat after identifying the man they wanted to talk to.

The man gave his information to the police following an appeal issued on Monday, 22 November, where he can be seen on CCTV.

He is being treated as a witness and is assisting the police in their interrogation.

The cat was found in front of an abandoned building at Grand Avenue, Lansing, at around 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 2.

Worthing Police Station Inspector Chris Smith said: “We understand the impact these disturbing incidents can have not only on other pet owners, but on the wider community. Thankfully these reports are extremely rare and our Investigations indicate that this is an isolated incident.

“Please rest assured that we are conducting a full and thorough investigation, and we are grateful to all who have come forward to assist with our investigation so far. We are especially grateful to the person who contacted us as a result of our previous appeal. I came in

“We continue to appeal for any witnesses to come forward. If you have any information, please contact us online or call 101 by quoting 042 of 07/11.”

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