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Las Vegas Riders plan to resign as coach following revelations of emails involving Homophobia, Missouri

According to several reports, John Groden is resigning as the coach of Las Vegas Riders.

The news comes just hours after the publication of a curse. New York Times ReportsRevealing the head coach of the respected riders, his correspondence was often thrown around misunderstandings and gay comments. The revelation came as a result of an investigation into workplace mismanagement of the franchise ordered by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I love raiders and I don’t want to get in trouble,” Groden said in a statement Monday evening. “Thanks to all the players, coaches, staff and Rider Nation fans.” I’m sorry, I never intended to hurt anyone.

Groden’s new emails are part of the 650,000 emails that Goodell has collected from league executives over the past few months. A summary of their findings was sent to the commissioner last week.

The coach’s messages, some of which were sent to riders last week, were written over a period of years, beginning in early 2010 and ending in 2018.

In many emails received from Times, Groden has used Homoeophobic abuses to refer to Goodell and a gay player, Michael Sam, which was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 2014. This nonsense has plagued some owners, coaches and sports journalists in other messages over the years.

Emails checked by Times At the end of the year, Groden returned to the Readers for a second term as coach. In 2020, the team’s line will be widened to include Carl Naseeb, who became the first NFL player to emerge as a gay man earlier this year.

In further emails, Groden demanded the dismissal of a player who protested the national anthem in 2016, made transphobic jokes, and exchanged pictures of half-naked women with other league officials and business executives. In response to a sexist meme about the female referee, Gruben wrote, “Good job Roger.”

Groden also criticized Goodell for trying to reduce the turmoil in the league. Times. The coach told ESPN on Sunday that he had made it. Obscure and nonsensical comments Many emails about Goodell because he disliked the commissioner’s insistence on safety. (During epidemics, the league repeatedly fined Groden thousands of dollars for violating the Cove 19 protocol.)

Of Times According to the report of the bomb blast The Wall Street Journal. The story that broke first. News In 2011, Groden made a racist remark about Demours Smith, the executive director of the NFL Players’ Association.

On Sunday, Groden released. One moment می کلپا “I have no racial intentions with these remarks,” he said. “I’m not like that at all.”

ESPN reported Monday that Groden. Said he felt. “Great about what I’ve learned.” Journal Drop the article

He added, “I feel great about what I stand for, as I said yesterday,” and I would be happy to talk about football, but I call it that. But i will leave

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