‘Laughable’ – Birmingham City fans go ballistic as Ryan Woods ban upheld

Birmingham City’s bid for Ryan Woods’ red card against Coventry City has failed as the Football Association ruled he would face a three-match ban.

Woods was given a straight red card with eight minutes to go after his clash with Ian Matsen earlier this week.

Many pundits and commentators agreed That offense deserved a yellow and that Woods’ ban should be rescinded.

And Blues boss Lee Boyer confirmed that the club would appeal the decision as it was argued there was a covering defender but the FA ruled that the decision would stand.

This means that Woods will not be able to play matches against Blackpool, Millwall and Cardiff.

Angry Blues fans quickly took to social media to voice their opinion on the verdict, and here’s what they had to say on Twitter.

Adam Beckett: Ask me if I’m shocked. Just make sure you give a red card for every single professional foul from now on.”

KJ: “An absolute shock of a decision, it was never red.”

Oliver Draper: “Shocking decision by the referee on the night but only gets split seconds to see it. How can a panel look at it multiple times and still decide it’s red?”

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Jake: “If this example is followed there will be a lot more red cards.”

John: “That’s it. Put your money on a red card every single game.”

Carl Hills: “Absolutely funny. Can’t wait to see how many players get sent off for similar tackles this weekend.”

Blues Analytics: “Laughable when you consider that Chong alone was shredded multiple times in games where he was bursting. Sets a dangerous precedent when this kind of tackle is yellow almost every time. Strange, but surprising It doesn’t matter.”


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