Lawyer reveals little-known hack to get new pair of bikes for free

There’s nothing like wearing a new pair of kicks, and there’s nothing worse than forking a small fortune when they get scuffed and ripped.

but a woman, Erica Cullberg, has shared a little-known hack to TikTok, delving into the brand’s warranty.

Cullberg revealed that customers can get a new pair of sneakers for two years for free after purchasing the original pair.

In the caption of the clip shared last month, he wrote, “What Nike doesn’t want you to know about getting a free pair of shoes, which have garnered over 67 million views since they were posted in November, and it can be seen.” Here,

In it she plays a customer and a shop assistant, as she says: “Hi I have tears in my shoes, can I get a new pair?”

Now pretending to be a retail employee, she says: “You bought it about two years ago, we can’t do anything because it’s been over 60 days.”

She referenced that stores with specific deadlines allow refunds and exchanges, usually if the item is in mint condition with receipt.

“I’m not talking about the 60 day return policy, I’ve actually read your terms and I know that as long as it’s been less than two years since the date of manufacture (found here), it is covered under warranty.

“And Nike will either give me a new pair or a gift card for the same price,” she says, pointing to the date on the inside of the shoe.

In the role, she receives a $100 gift card, as she claimed she is “a lawyer who reads the fine print.”

Screengrabs from @erikakullberg’s video. The lawyer took to TikTok to share a hack revealing how to get a free pair of Nike trainers.

Cullberg told newsweek: “People have loved the video. I’ve received tons of messages about how people have successfully used it to get a new pair of sneakers.

“Note that this isn’t just limited to sneakers — it also applies to apparel, according to their website. It’s limited to whether the shoe or garment develops a material or workmanship defect, so it’s a normal break-in.” Doesn’t apply to foot.”

The brand’s website backs up Cullberg’s claims, although there are some conditions attached to a new pair of shoes, and the replacement policy does not cover shoes that are simply worn and dirty.

This says: “We stand behind all of our shoes and gear. If your Nike shoes or apparel develop a material or workmanship defect within two years of the date of manufacture, we want to get you back in the game.”

If you return a faulty pair within 60 days, you’ll get a full refund, the website explains, but after that window — and before two years — you need to follow a few steps.

If ordered online you will need to contact the brand directly, but if purchased from a store or authorized retailer, you will need to go back to the store where you bought them.

Nike emphasizes: “Some Nike products contain specific written guarantees and/or warranties. In those cases, description and return information will be included on the label, hang tag, or warranty card that came with the item.”

Fellow TikToker, Josh Rincon, also shared the tip on his page, where he played another shopper/staff.

He captioned the clip that has been viewed 19 million times since it was shared in October, “What doesn’t Nike want you to know.”

Footwear fans are amazed by the tip, with Valentin commenting on Cullberg’s video, saying: “I worked at Nike and it’s 100% true.”

Chelsea Diaz joked: “Nike is going to rewrite their whole fine print because of this.”

Joro-kun continued: “I can confirm this. Got my KD9 full price back after having it for 1.5 years, even with busted souls!”

Curious Thing commented: “It seems illegal.”

While Nick wrote: “Who else is going for goodwill in search of Knicks.”

newsweek Rincon and Nike reached out for comment.