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Leslie Odom Jr., Orlando Bloom, in the Time Stack Sci-Fi clip.

Leslie Odom Jr. in a suit and sitting by the car, worried, sleeping in a time stack in a time travel story.۔

Leslie Odom Jr. in Tess Travel Romance. Needle in time stack.
Image: Lion gate

I Needle in time stack.Time travel is a part of everyday life. It’s very expensive, so not everyone can afford it – but when they do. Can Use your power to change something in the past, Everyone knows about it. And everyone is. Afraid of the consequences

Written and directed by Oscar winner John Ridley (12 years a slave), Needle in time stack. Based on a short story. Robert Silverberg of the same name. These stars. HamiltonLeslie Odom Jr. and HarrietCynthia Arevo as a couple whose happiness is overshadowed by a legitimate fear: the ex of Arevo, who played Legolas himself.Orlando Bloom will travel back in time and ruin their marriage so they can win it. io9 is excited to debut a special clip from the movie, in which you will see how Ridley sees what happens when something changes in the past.

This wave means that someone has traveled through time and changed something, but no one knows what it is. That’s why the boss tells everyone to call home and make sure everything is fine. Spoiler alert – it’s not, and that’s where the movie really came from.

Slim Dog MillionaireFreda Pinto also incorporates Bloom, Odom Jr., and Areo into the romantic mystery with a sci-fi twist, and as you might expect from this wonderful cast, the film is actually quite good. It has a long way to go to satisfy sci-fi fools, but it’s full of a very measured, groundbreaking story about the nature of friendship, love and marriage. Odom Jr. in particular leads to a dynamic, dramatic performance that finds itself able to keep up with its favorite woman while fighting against time.

Needle in time stack. It will be released on October 15 in select cinemas, digital and on demand. It will hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 19. It’s definitely worth a look.

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