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Trump’s aid accepted
coup in interview

Which one is more stupid? Peter Navarro confessed to treason and rebellion on national television or (hearing Navarro’s cries further) the realization that Navarro said Donald Trump, a great man, was stupid and that only Peter Navarro could correct Jan’s description. could do 6, 2021, coup attempt.

In particular, one has to wonder if Navarro seduced the owner by grabbing him.

George Lisina

County should improve,
No Pass, Reed-Hillview

again. “Airports Using Unleaded Gas for Small Aircraft,” page B1, 28 December:

Santa Clara County has banned the sale of 100LL aircraft fuel at county airports. Now only 94UL fuel can be sold; This fuel can be used in only 66% of the piston engine fleet (https://www.flyingmag.com/swift-expands-california-ul94-distribution/). This means that a large number of airplanes at these airports will not be able to refuel – they will take their business and money elsewhere.

It appears that the county is still trying to find excuses to close Reed-Hillview, rendering the facility unusable by a third of the fleet. This restriction is likely in violation of federal grant assurances from the FAA.

UL94 is a great option – for airplanes that can use it legally – but many can’t. Instead of working so hard to shut down Reed-Hillview, the county should turn it into a shining jewel of an airport that could attract more aviation business to Silicon Valley.

tom blue

State should mandate
Paid COVID sick time

California requires paid sick time, or quarantine time, to be reduced by the federal five days for employees with COVID.

The need for prolonged unpaid quarantine encourages employees to keep their COVID status a secret and go to work sick. I caught COVID, and regardless of my vaccination status, Santa Clara requires an 11-day quarantine (“Day 0” plus 10 more days). I only have three paid sick days. what are we supposed to do?

Kate Levey
Palo Alto

new technologies can
engage students online

again. “My pandemic-injured students have lost their drive to engage,” page A12, Jan 2:

Professor David W. Berner of Columbia College Chicago expressed frustration with his virtual classes. Today, both at the academic and corporate level, we see less student engagement and interaction on computer screens during their online classes. His expert opinion and for me – which moves in-person classes to virtual settings – “online classes can work. But what’s the drawback?”

What it lacks for students having to sit through an hour long lecture is clearly telling. To keep today’s distracted learners “curious” teachers are bound to implement the following:

1) micro-learning that is agile, fragmented, video-based and interactive;

2) Using simplification to mimic collaboration;

3) storytelling and;

4) Beginning the lesson by explaining the current challenges, solutions and payoff of the subject, rather than diving into the theory of operations or firing the features and benefits at the students.

These new learning techniques are known to foster greater interaction and engagement to win the curiosity of the students.

ramin elahi
San Jose

PG&E scheme will stop
development of solar

PG&E has successfully lobbied the California Public Utilities Commission to consider their proposal to increase and reduce the monthly fee on solar panels. 80% The credit is received by solar power users for selling excess electricity to the grid.

In California, the sun sets thousands of schools, farms, apartment buildings and More than one lakh private houses, Solar users save everyone money, reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change.

In addition, the increased availability of solar batteries reduces demand on the grid when people need electricity most, reducing the need for blackouts for all and saving the state money on building and maintaining power lines. it occurs.

The increased fees would put solar out of reach for many Californians. We need more solar energy, not less. CPUC Vote on PG&E’s proposal on January 27, Gov. Call Newsom and ask him to take a stand against the increased fees for solar power.

Judith Hurley
San Jose

Biden’s impassioned speech
MAGA. not likely to affect

In his January 6 speech, President Biden made some persuasive points. But he was preaching to the choir.

He seems to have forgotten what Ayn Rand wrote, Explanation: Those who deny logic are not affected by it.

Ken Mintz

the president speaks
The truth to Trump on 6 January

Kudos to President Biden for finally calling Trump who he was a year ago – a rebel who didn’t put America first.