Letter: ‘Bring Rottingdean back to Hove Lagoon bus’

Brighton, Hove and the District (BHD) carried most of the busier routes such as 1s, 2s and 5s.

Brighton Corporation also operated some busy routes. The busiest was 49.

I was a conductor on that route, but one of the most popular routes and remembered today was not the 17 sea route.

It was run by BHD using its open top cream buses and I must say they always looked clean and smart.

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Number 17 ran from Rottingdean to Hove Lagoon and I must say if that route goes these days it will be a big money spinner Brighton and Hove The beach is full of entertainment and now there is a marina so what about Mr. Harris?

The only reason for its stop was a lack of staff, but if it operated as a pastime, passengers could buy a ticket that visitors could find in many of our marine entertainments.

Ian Steadman

St. George Road


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