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give up subsidy
space to expand solar

Jonathan Lancer’s January 9 article, titled “Abolition of State Solar Subsidies a Wrong Step,” (page E1) is correct in pointing out that the cost of building other essential sources of clean energy is the highest for California. will be more than Encouraging rooftop solar as we are doing now, and that huge additional cost will once again be billed to all electricity customers.

It is far better to give up on subsidies that encourage distributing these investment costs among those who can afford now and are willing to install rooftop solar.

How can California (and the world) equally finance and build the solar electricity it needs? Leave the solar subsidy as it is. They do.

john hollis

don’t shed tears
rich for housing

About “Lot-Split Housing Requests Trickle In” (page A1, January 10): About 2 residents of Los Angeles own homes valued at more than $1 million but earn less than $99,000, Los Angeles According to a developer of Profit Plan. New state law. “It’s like the ‘golden handcuffs’ for a lot of Californians,” said the company’s co-founder.

These “golden handcuffs” are the result of Proposition 13 and additional laws, and are self-serving. No need to shed tears for the “paper millionaires” who can take their low tax base with them, instead hanging on to affordable properties. Want real change? Reverse Proposition 13 and make California fair and affordable.

Dave Ruede

Livermore council needed
Cancel the hotel’s $2 million loan

Any hotelier who cannot get a loan from a bank to buy land for parking is a credit risk.

Livermore’s City Council, Threatening to Raise Sales and Parcel Taxes, Almost Shouldn’t Debt $2 million Hotelier to the Presidio. four years ago The council threw Livermore’s costly referendum process under the bus to topple a downtown hotel with underground parking next to the Bankhead Theatre. Now Presidio wants ground floor parking instead, across the street from the hotel, on prime downtown lots zoned for residential.

The city should not lend them money to do so. Valet and special event parking would close the corner of Livermore and the Railroad, thereby avoiding an area of ​​downtown, thus hindering the hotel’s success and ability to pay back loans. Livermore needs credit-worthy hoteliers with an underground parking plan and new council members to boot.

Elizabeth Judge

paper design highlights
importance of 6 january story

Your January 6th edition was a time-honored treasure.

On the front page were small red letters: CAPITOL INSURRECTION. Below that: January 6, 2021 Centered in the middle of the page in black one-inch-thick letters. The following were four color photographs of our horrors on that fateful day, followed by a recap of that day. A detailed description of what happened that day is given in the page 5 graphic. Your presentation told readers, “Listen. This is important.”

It was a beautiful paper. Warmed my heart, and I know we’ll be fine. we are Americans.

terry nighsvonger

GOP Membership
meaning policy support

Jeff Johnson is concerned about being portrayed by the same brush as rebels and other Trump supporters (“Don’t portray all GOPs as supporting Trump,” p. A12, Jan. 9). Over the past year, the GOP has made it clear that it is no longer interested.