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AC Transit no
duplicate BART service

With regard. “Three Can Guide AC Transit Through Financial Trouble”, Page A8, September 11:

AC Transit does not “duplicate” the BART transbay service. Rather, it complements by reaching where BART can’t and relieves traffic jams by getting cars out of the way. BART alone cannot do this work. In addition, many bikers either feel safer on the ground or are reluctant to deal with the inconvenience of transferring from the bus to the BART and back.

Transbay AC riders actually subsidize the district’s local services, and the district would be stupid to interrupt transbay services. Transbay passengers pay their fees, and many residents do not. This is a fiscally sensible and great service for the transport network to ensure that AC not only continues the service but also brings it back to pre-pandemic service.

George Mathews

Ames detains taxpayers
mind on the BART board

Elizabeth Ames is seeking re-election to the BART Board, representing District 6.

At BART, the interests of taxpayers and BART players do not always attract the attention and priority they deserve. Ames has worked hard and efficiently to change this, and you can count on him to continue. She is worried about what appears to be undue pressure from outside pressure groups, and as an engineer she works to improve both BART performance and construction projects while keeping a close watch on costs.

Ames is actively involved in trying to improve the BART situation while remaining intensely focused and loyal to the interests of the Southeast Gulf region. He deserves a second term at BART and is needed by taxpayers and BART players.

Gerald Cauthen

“Homelessness” is
not about housing

In order to have any hope of solving a problem, you must first correctly identify the underlying problem.

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