Letters: Testing Scam? , district housing

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Beware of Testing Scams

With Omicron spreading like wildfire, the demand for COVID testing is skyrocketing, and the conditions are set for scams.

There are so many pop-up test sites out there, how can you tell which ones are legit? Ultimately, this is a great way to collect your personal information and possibly bill your insurance for outrageous testing costs. The worst part is whether these sites actually test or if they just flip a coin to get your results.

If anyone blows the whistle on these sites it will be a public service.

Karen Sundback
Palo Alto

district redundancy
with housing plan

again. “Better as a house or a garden?” Page A1, January 1:

San Mateo County Jefferson Unified School District voters narrowly approved School Bond Major J (June 2018) for 80 teacher housing units to help the district maintain teachers with subsidized rents. great thought.

Now we learn that the district has completed 120 units, but is now trying to get approval to build an additional 1,200 market rate units to help pay salaries “for all in the district”.

It is a complete bait and switch in the promotion of this bandh, and, as a taxpayer, I am deeply concerned by this district’s misinformation and trust with voters. Not only are they threatening community members that they will bulldoze the only community-run garden at the development site in Daly City, but they are also misleading the entire community. Voters beware.

Nancy Laxmana

housing policy can be
drive climate policy

California is at a critical moment in building climate resilience. One way to achieve this is to modernize local policies that create more housing. In other words, housing policy is climate policy. Updating each city in the Bay Area with their state mandated housing elements General plans by 2022, the timing is perfect.

We need to build more affordable, climate-smart housing in existing communities that center those most affected by climate and housing crises – low-income communities and communities of color. Elected leaders, institutions, communities and each of us play an important role in calling for immediate and effective action to reduce climate change and increase community resilience. And so I call on these different groups to use innovative tools like the Greenbelt Alliance Resilience Playbook Now to guide processes such as housing element updates to build climate resilience.

Jessica Brennan
San Francisco

Republican Party Centered
On power, not on democracy

Ever since Hitler replaced Germany’s democracy with his fascist Third Reich in 1933, American political pundits have been declaring “it can’t happen here”. they were wrong. It’s “happening here” – right now. A sitting president resists a rebel attack on Congress by an armed mob made up of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other thugs – and his Republican sycophants pretend nothing has happened.

The Republican Party’s sole agenda today is to tell big lies to its gullible followers, to deceive Americans of their right to vote, and to steal elections through voter suppression and deceit. Legislators of the once proud “Party of Lincoln” now only care about receiving donations from wealthy donors so they can keep their cushy, non-working jobs in Congress, stay in power – and get rid of democracy.

Donald Trump’s first wife said Trump’s favorite bedtime book was Hitler’s book political speech Turns Germany into a Nazi authoritarian nightmare. Clearly, Trump’s studies are paying off.

Rob Charleston
San Jose