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Liberal analyst warns of socialist flow in dams spending plan

A prominent liberal financial analyst says the president introduced a 3.5 3.5 trillion social spending bill. Biden And congressional Democrats will bring America closer to the classical socialist economy.

Ian MurrayThe vice president of strategy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, notes that the 3.5 3.5 trillion figure represents a سے 6.5 trillion deal that St. Bernard Sanders, Vermont, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, “points out.” Was requested as a “start”.

“When you look at the 3.5 trillion proposal, you can see that the United States has to transform Western European-style democratic socialism, and expand the welfare state with a lot of expensive facilities,” he said. ۔ ” Murray, Which also directs the CEI’s Center for Economic Freedom. “It brings us closer to the classical definition of socialism, such as the worker’s control over the means of production.”

They. Progressive Democrats say they are not entirely honest with voters about the fact that European nations generally pay for democratic socialism – raising taxes on the middle class and controlling the market economy.

Democrats want to avoid this backlog of debate, saying it will all be paid with a lot of accounting tricks and higher class tax increases, while at the same time many stricter regulations on the market economy. The rich will have to pay taxes to pay for all of them. Murray, A former researcher with the nonprofit Statistical Assessment Service.

They. He says Democrats’ proposals, which include transferring most of the costs indirectly to working people, will make the hardest long-term payments for broader welfare programs such as single-paid health care.

Mr. Murray Said. “The answer is a tax on businesses, which will have a cooling effect on the economy and reduce the amount of wealth that is based on how you pay for the welfare state. I don’t know if they How are you going in the circle? ”

Such as Mr. Biden, They Note that people around the president make it clear that “the socialist wing of the Democratic Party is in charge at the moment.”

“I think you have to see people. TheyNominated, “Mr. Murray Said. “President Biden Nominated as a moderate and ran as a moderate, but these are very radical people, more radical than any other nominee in the Obama administration.

Mr. Murray He said young Americans appear to be increasingly attracted to socialist ideology because they do not know from history what its value is, which poses a real threat that the country may move further in the future.

But They I point to a precautionary example of democratic socialism. of that Native Britain, which nationalized most industries in the 1970s, sinking into recession. It inspired Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to reduce government economic regulations in the 1980s.

“I think the danger is that innovation will stop.” Murray Said. “Right now, the United States is ahead of the rest of the world. Center Innovation, but it starts to dry up when you pile up state regulations on the free market.

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