The internet sided with the woman who shared her broken heart online after finding out her husband had been cheating on her since their 3-year-old son died.

In a Reddit forum post r / TrueOffMyChest, user u / Dawn-Side3267 said, “My husband confessed to sleeping with his friend every day for two months after our son died.”

The devastated woman contacted to share her anguish in a post that has since received thousands of votes and comments.

Licensed professional advisor and clinical director of Black Female Therapist Jenine Lowery said Newsweek: “Much grief comes with losing a child, and it can take years to overcome the pain. The d*ath of a child can lead to quarrels between spouses, divorce, and even the neglect of other children in the home. The d*ath of a child can make you question your own mortality, which can cause anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

A file photo of the broken figure of a crying woman with her head resting on the doorframe. The internet backed the woman after it revealed that her husband cheated on her daily for two months after their 3-year-old son died.
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The wife explained: “Our son died when he was 3 years old. This hit my husband hard and he isolated himself from everyone around him while cutting himself off emotionally from me. Even though we lived in the same house, we were so far apart, ”she wrote. “He was going away and seeing his friend whom he had known for 13 years. I never suspected that he was spending time with her because she has always been a comforter to him. “

In 2020, there were 21,430 d*aths in the United States for children between the ages of 1 and 19, with firearm-related injuries reported as the leading cause of child d*ath.

“Many parents find a dramatic difference in their relationship with their spouse after their child dies,” explained Lowery. “Parents may feel overwhelmed by the sudden change in their lives. They may feel guilty about not being able to prevent the d*ath of their child or hold a grudge against their spouse for not doing enough. “

As her husband spent more time with his friend, her mother took time to work through her own grief. But one day he stopped seeing his friend.

“I noticed a change in behavior and he was furious at the mention of her name,” explained the poster. “I thought they quarreled or something, but a few days ago he sat me down, started crying and confessed to me that he slept with her every day for almost 2 months. Said he didn’t know how it happened or why. But he mostly blamed it for it is the ruined emotional state he was in.

Lowery said, “If one or both parents are struggling with guilt, resentment, or guilt, it’s important to discuss these feelings with your partner so that you can work on them together. The d*ath of a child can increase the tension in a marriage, increase relationship conflicts and affect the couple’s s*x life. However, some couples get stronger. Most of this will depend on the couple’s overall satisfaction before losing their baby.

In what she called “a state of disbelief,” the wife explained that she did not know how to react: “He said it just happened and swore in a million years that he never thought he would do it, not with her, but that’s what happened. He did it every day for almost 2 MONTHS, ”she wrote furiously. “And never once did he stop to think about what he was doing. Then he said nothing. After I pushed him and started yelling at him that he had worsened my grief and hurt me in the darkest days. cry.”

After the truth was revealed, the husband left to stay with his father, and the poster shows how her broken heart was now at its highest.

“I’m too exhausted, I spend most of my days in bed,” she said. “I feel like my life is over. Everything seems to be falling apart. “

Meanwhile, her husband asked for forgiveness because of what he called “an exceptional circumstance,” but the betrayed wife found it hard to forgive.

After reading the post, other Reddit users shared their thoughts and reactions in the comments. One commentator wrote: “Losing a baby also kills part of you. But no matter how great the sadness is, you BOTH have lost your baby. Coping with cheating does not justify his actions at all.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. And I’m sorry that you are going through even more because of your husband’s selfishness and thoughtlessness, ”said another answer.

“He did the worst thing ever and you have every right not to forgive him,” said one Redditor.

After such an emotional life experience, Lowery suggested that the couple receive additional support both together and separately.

“This couple is in great danger. The husband seems to have had an unhealthy emotional connection with his friend for many years, which needs to be dealt with and processed in addition to the couple’s grief. Whether they stay together is an individual choice, ”she said. “I recommend that they find a couple therapist trained in Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT).”

“It’s hard to imagine life without a child. It’s even harder to imagine how you would feel if your husband had an affair right after your child died, ”explained Lowery. “When your baby dies, it’s important to remember that you’ll never forget him. The pain of losing it will start to diminish over time, and you can learn to live anew. “

Newsweek contacted zu / Dawn-Side3267 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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