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Lily Bernard sued Bill Cosby over a hotel encounter in 1990.

Philadelphia – A famous Bill Cosby accuser of a 1990 hotel room encounter in Atlantic City, New Jersey, filed a lawsuit against the actor Thursday, before the state’s two-year rape lawsuit expires. Be done

Los Angeles-based artist Lily Bernard told the Associated Press that Cosby had recently been released from prison. Cosby, 84, has been free since June, when Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court overturned his 2018 rape sentence in another case on procedural grounds.

He was sentenced to more than two years and 10 years in prison.

Bernard, 57, says Cosby drugged and abused her in his hotel room when he promised to guide her on his high-profile TV show. She was 26 at the time.

New Jersey’s two-year window for filing sexual assault cases that would otherwise be considered obsolete by next month.

“When Bill Casby was released, he rebuilt me, he scared me. I was really scared for any woman or girl who would come in contact with him,” Bernard told the AP. “Pennsylvania Supreme Court allows a hunter to return to the streets.”

A Pennsylvania trial judge classified Cosby as a life-long victim of sexual assault, but when the sentence was overturned, his search became controversial, and Cosby reported Freed from any need.

A spokesman for Cosby said the so-called “lockback” windows in New Jersey violate a person’s right to appropriate action.

“This is another attempt to misuse the legal process, opening the floodgates for those who have never presented any evidence,” said spokesman Andrew Wyatt, adding that Cosby maintains his innocence and Will compete This is the United States. ”

Prosecutors on the outskirts of Philadelphia will soon have to decide whether to appeal the reversal of their sentence in the US Supreme Court.

A jury found Cosby guilty of sexual assault in January 2004 after he disqualified Temple University sports administrator Andrea Constant with three blue bullets at his home. Cosby was arrested in 2015, just 12 days before the expiration of the Boundaries Act.

The state Supreme Court said the case should not have gone to trial because Cosby believed he had a binding promise from the first prosecutor that he would never be charged.

Kasby settled a مقدم 3.4 million civil lawsuit with Constance. Her insurer filed a defamation suit in Massachusetts against seven defendants for an undisclosed amount of money.

The AP does not generally identify people who say they have been sexually assaulted without their consent, as both Constant and Bernard have provided.

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