A group of lions briefly escaped from an Australian zoo runway on Wednesday, causing visitors to dash to safety.

Visitors attending the nighttime “Roar and Snoring” at Taronga Zoo were awakened by staff stressing the urgency of the situation around 6:30, when video reports showed loose lions.

“They ran into the tent area saying, ‘This is Code One, get out of the tent and get out, come now and leave your belongings'” – one of the guests, Magnus Perri, said 9 Australia News.

He said guests were ushered into the building and counted before closing the door.

A male lion and four cubs got out of their area and wandered around, but could not go any further through the six-foot fence.

Taronga Zoo

The zoo said four lions had returned to their grounds, and one of the cubs had been appeased and brought back. The animals have been moved to a safer part of the zoo, where an investigation into their escape is underway.

No injuries were reported.

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