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Vote for Branning
for the council of Livermore

Evan Branning and I serve together on the Livermore Planning Commission. Evan was a prominent planning commissioner. He is informed, prudent and independent and does his homework. He is now the only board member candidate with Livermore management experience. This is important because on-the-job training at City Council level can be extremely costly in terms of impact on both money and responsible city planning.

Evan is committed to maintaining the character of the Livermore community, an excellent quality of life and work for the benefit of all its inhabitants. Without candidates to vote, a new city manager and Master Plan, and an impending recession, experience is critical. When casting your vote for the council in District 1, consider the future of Livermore and vote for Evan Branning to Livermore City Council.

John Stein

Josey is a good fit
for the Dublin Council

Join me in voting for Jean Josey on Dublin City Council. Jean is a dedicated government official who works diligently, understands issues, and fosters strong relationships in the community.

I served for several years alongside Jean on the DUSD-City Liaison Committee. Jean is a strong supporter of Dublin schools and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to working together. He listens and reacts, thoughtfully and always looks for common ground as we develop solutions that benefit students and Dublin as a whole.

I’ve known Jean for over a decade. Jean drives honestly and cares deeply about all of Dublin.

Jean Josey is the experienced leader we need in Dublin City Council. Join me in voting for Jean Josey on Dublin City Council.

Megan Rouse

Yes, on the measurement of K.
for Martinez schools

I encourage all Martinez residents to vote Yes on Action K.

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