‘Lizzo is a historical figure’ explains the director of her new reality show

Lizzo will go down in history according to the director of her new Prime Video reality show.

Nneka Onuorah is the series director for Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls Which arrives on Amazon on Friday, March 25. The show follows Lizzo as she auditions a group of diverse dancers to join her on her world tour.

Lizzo is looking for women of underrepresented shapes and sizes, specifically the “Big Girls” in the dance industry, and the results expose her to some incredibly skilled performers.

newsweek spoke to Onuora to find out if viewers will be inspired not only by Lizzo, but by all 10 contestants we see Watch out for Big Girls,

Lizzo, left, and “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Girls” director Neneka Onoura, right.
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Lizzo, ‘Historic Person’

According to Onuora, Lizzo has already done a lot for diversity in the dance and entertainment industry, but in her new reality show, she’s hoping to lift others up and help them achieve their dreams.

“Lizzo is a historical figure,” explains Onuorah newsweek“She will always be known as the epitome of plus size women.”

One of Lizzo’s strengths, according to Onurah, is her ability to be real. “If she is in a weak spot and is sharing a story with you on TikTok, or is she dying and just showing you her happiness. I feel like Lizzo gives us a multi-faceted experience with self-love. gives a vision.”

Lizzo On Big Grrrls Prime Video
Lizzo, left, with choreographer Tanisha Scott, right. credit: James Clark/Amazon Prime Video
James Clark/Amazon Prime Video

But now Lizzo hopes to bring more women into the sport, competing with ten talented dancers. Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, Ten Recruits, while unconventional by industry standards, are loud and proud.

Onurah said: “When you see these women walking, people will look at their smaller bodies and start to feel insecure. That’s the energy they have. When they walk, they walk tall, they walk confidently Their bodies are beautiful, sensual, you just want to be them.

“I think negative people will change their mind, this show is fun and infectious,” he said.

Life at Big Girls’ House

As part of the series, all ten dancers are invited to stay in the Big Girls house during the entire competition. Onurah says he deliberately pushed the dancers’ limits, but they came out on top. “We gave them a lot of challenges that had great vulnerability, um, nudity, a lot of different things, and they rose to the occasion.”

While contestants often fight and be at each other on reality TV shows, Onuora said she wanted the show to be more of a celebration than a competition.

“I broke with the traditional format of these series, where the director sits behind the screen and calls the shots, that was not something I wanted to do,” Onuora said. “I would take my time after the set, I would sit with the girls, have dinner with them, talk to them, see how they were feeling outside the show.

Big Grrl Dancing
The cast of “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Girls” perform their choreography, from left to right: Sidney Bell, Charity Holloway, Jayla Sullivan, Asia Banks, Ariana Davis, Jasmine Morrison, Kiara Mooring, Moesha Perez, Ashley Williams and Isabel Jones.
James Clark/Amazon Prime Video

“And I think that a connected bonding experience, and the energy of the girls, how much they love each other, really radiated,” she said.

While living with each other throughout the duration of the show, Onurah said that the forged connections continued even after the cameras were turned off at night.

“I think you guys might be surprised to learn that there was just a lot of love.” Onurah elaborated. “Wake up late at night. Certainly some relationship between some people, which I won’t name, but there were a lot of beautiful relationships happening behind the scenes. And the house was like a party at night. So that was exciting.

“They definitely had a great time when they weren’t shooting,” Onuora teased.

Big Grrrls. Other Movies-TV Shows with Key Cinematography

Each of the dancers featured Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls He has his own career away from the show. As Onoura points out, she has performed in commercials, makeup campaigns, K-pop videos at New York Fashion Week, even before the show came out.

His versatility is so inspiring that Onurah thinks Amazon should give the green light to a second season with more than him. “I would pitch to Amazon, we need to make a documentary on the girls right now. Their lives are progressing in really major ways and things are still happening for them.”

Other countries and territories will have to wait until May 2022 to see the show but the eight-episode season Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls Launched on Prime Video in the United States on Friday March 25, 2022.

Big Grrl Image
From left to right, Grace Holden (Big Grrl Dancer), Sherlyn Quigley (Big Grrl Dancer), Lizzo, Tanisha Scott (choreographer) and Chavanta’ Marie Van (Big Grrl Dancer)
James Clark/Amazon Prime Video

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