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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Madeleine Albright, our nation’s first female Secretary of State, has died. The 84-year-old lost her battle with cancer.

Albright was a central figure in President Bill Clinton’s administration.

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In 2012, President Barack Obama awarded her the Medal of Freedom.

Albright was a mentor to many current and former American politicians and women. But his influence did not stop there.

Albright lived a fulfilling life that included meeting, inspiring and mentoring countless other women like her, believing in herself, and reaching for the stars.

Dr. Donna Patterson was the inaugural faculty member of the Madeleine C. Albright Institute at Wellesley College, Alberta’s alma mater.

“Madeleine Albright was a very interesting person. I found her friendly, I found her approachable. But I think she’s also interesting, given the historical importance of the country,” said Patterson, who is now a professor and professor at Delaware State University. Chairman, said.

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When you’re first into something, that’s where the conversation about your heritage begins. But that’s not where Albright ends.

“One of his legacy will really be the Albright Institute, which I was a part of when I was at Wellesley College. And the students who come out of this program and the mark they are already making and will continue to make in the world,” Patterson said.

Patterson and Secretary Albright met through the Albright Institute. This is where she did and will continue to do through her existence to help the women leaders of today and tomorrow.

“She mentored a lot of women. She was very committed to women of equal appearance,” Patterson said.

To hear Patterson say this, Albright really cared about these young women.

“One of the things that gave me satisfaction, as a professor at Wellesley College, was how accessible it was for her to really see her acting with the students. And how interested she was in her future,” Patterson said.

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Patterson also said that when Albright entered a room he had a certain presence about him and that only by sharing space with him could you feel that presence. She explains this by knowing that this person was going to do important things and she certainly did.

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