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Lockhart Rice University excels academically and athletically.

Rice soccer players.
October 2, 2021: During a game between Rice Owl and the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Mandatory credit: Maria Laceker | Rice Athletics)

Strong educational foundation in CHISD.

(Cedar Hill, Texas) Kirk Lockhart said the advanced placement classes he completed at Cedar Hill prepared him for academics at Rice University in Houston, one of the leading academic universities in the United States.

Lockhart, 20, graduated in the top 10 percent of the 2019 Cedar Hill High School class and enjoyed educational and athletic challenges in rice. He has been nominated to the USA USA Commissioner of Honor for the last two years.

“School education in rice is very much about the student,” Lockhart said. “The professor knows your name, who you are and what you do in rice.”

Lockhart is a sports management major with a minor in business. Her plans are to manage an athletic facility or work in facility management for a sports franchise or university athletics department. She enrolled in Rice Athletics, working in sports when Alva won the Conference USA in Women’s Soccer and worked in other rice sports.

Lifelong Long Horn.

As a lifelong longhorn, Lockhart started kindergarten at Waterford Oaks Elementary in 2006 – just months before Cedar Hill won his first football championship.

About a decade later, he a. Bessie Coleman Middle School Alam Jab Long Horns repeated as state champion in 2013 and 2014.

“I went to all the sports when I was in middle school. Playing football was a dream for Cedar Hill when I was a kid,” Lockhart said.

Safety player Lockhart won the district championship in 2018 as a senior. He was also part of the Student Council, Computer Club, Track and Field and Powerlifting at CHHS.

Like Sophomore at Cedar Hill., He played for the JV team and started his junior year at JV – an extraordinary path for a Division I football player.

Carlos Lane arrives at Cedar Hill. In 2017, Lockhart worked hard to find his way to the university roster. Lockhart also learned a lot from former CHHS defense coordinator De Marcus Harris, who was appointed head coach at Mesquite High last spring.

“Lockhart is a hard worker and he’s just found his way to Cedar Hill,” said Cedar Hill football coach Carlos Lane. “He’s a good example of hard work. He was ready to go whenever we played.

The reason behind the choice of rice

Coming from an established high school football program, Lockhart wanted to be part of something special when choosing a college football program.

“If you’re going to a big school, you’re not changing the culture,” Lockhart said. “I always want to be a guy who changes the culture. I don’t care who else presents me. I definitely still go for rice.

Ninety-five years ago, President John F. Kennedy delivered a famous speech at Rice Stadium – the place where owls still play their home games – and his efforts to reach space. In his speech, Kennedy said of doing challenging things, “Why Rice plays Texas; because it’s hard, not because it’s easy.”

Rice has played a total of 12 bowling games between 1937 and 2014. Lockhart turned 21 on November 28, and the appearance of the 13th Bowl of Potatoes will be a great birthday present.

The Owls (2-3) need to win six games to qualify for a cup, and Lockhart won the program’s second victory of the program 24-19 against Southern Miss on October 2, late in the fourth quarter. Recorded the first college interception.


Lockhart was an unexpected hero in the game. He was not feeling well (but was negatively tested for Cove 19) and was only expected to return to the game if his teammates were injured. Alva called Lockhart, who recorded two tackles and interceptions in the victory.

“It’s always interesting to walk on the field, which played a big part in ending the game,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart played primarily as a true newcomer in 2019, collecting 12 tackles for Alv, who finished 3-9 but won his last three games of the season.

Eligible through 2023

Last season, Rice finished 2-3 out of 12 of his 12 scheduled games due to a Cowboy-19 cancellation. Lockhart played in four games, finished second on the team with 28 and won a 20-0 victory at # 15 at the time, making Marshall unbeaten last December.

Since he appeared in only four games, Lockhart did not use a one-year qualification last season, so he will be eligible by 2023. Football season.

This season, Lockhart and Allous toured the University of Arkansas at Fayette Valley at the University of Arkansas and led 17-7 in the second half, before the Redsbacks – currently ranked 17th in the country – 31. Moved from unanswered points.

“It’s a blessing to play for head coach Mike Bloom Green, because he won’t say we can’t beat Arkansas or Texas because we can,” Lockhart said. “I really love my defense coordinator Brian Smith because he devises great schemes in every game. It’s a blessing to be able to go there and play football.

Lockhart recorded its first collegiate sack in a bio-bucket loss to Crosstown rival, University of Houston. Game of enmity And in Austin, Texas suffered two losses.

Living in the space city.

At 5pm on Friday, Lockhart and Allous will visit the undefeated UT San Antonio, led by former Lockhart Cedar Hill team junior Zakhari Franklin, who has 447 yards and four touchdowns this season. There are 37 receptions.

“Zakhari is the only reason he changed his style of play,” Lockhart said. “He played a breakout game when we played our new year UTSA.”

Lockhart says adjusting humidity in Houston has been a challenge, but he enjoys living in Space City. Her twin sister attends Texas Southern University, just three miles away.

Potatoes beat TSU, 48-34 at Celebration Houston! Day.

Lockhart has maintained its loyalty. Dallas Cowboys On the Houston Texans, but he acknowledged that he could connect to the Houston Astros or the Houston Dynamo.

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