Louise Redknapp ready for love after ex Jamie welcomes baby with new wife

Louise Redknapp is reportedly ready to move on and find love after ex-husband Jamie Redknapp welcomed a new baby with his Swedish wife Frida Andersson.

After Jamie remarried, Lewis was reported to have struggled with regret.

Lewis and Jamie divorced in 2017 after living together for 19 years.

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Jamie has since moved on with Swedish model Frida and couple married A few weeks ago, Frida was about to give birth to her first child.

Singer is silent on social media since Jamie announced the birth With a series of adorable pictures of Raphael on Instagram.

Jamie wrote: “Meet Raphael Anders Redknapp, we’re so in love, mommy doing great too.

“We can’t thank enough the wonderful doctors and nurses in Chelsea and Westminster. She is so excited to meet my boys.”

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A source told OK! Magazine that the new baby shook Lewis: “Louise would like to find someone, but it hasn’t been that easy. She has to learn to love herself before she can love anyone else again.

“Her confidence is shattered. Even though she and Jamie have been separated for a few years, she’s spent most of her life with him and two kids, so it’s a big change.

“You always find someone when you’re least expecting it, and he’s right there. If it happens then it happens.”

The source also revealed that Lewis had two sons, Charlie and Beau – who he was share with jamie – Wants him to be happy and told how happy Jamie is after marrying again.

The source added: “They want to see her happy because they can see how happy the remarriage has made their father.

“Now they want their mother to find someone.”

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