‘Love is Blind’ Star Shake Is Out for Blood, Slams Deepti, Kyle, Shayne

love is blind Star Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee is rocking again, and this time, he is eyeing the three cast of Season 2.

In Tuesday’s Attendance Feather Dominic Natti ShowShake made several allegations, including saying that Kyle Abrams just wanted to be on TV, Shake’s ex-fiancee Deepti Vempati playing the victim and Shayne Jenson may have used drugs.

Shake spoke with host Dominic Nati for about 10 minutes on a variety of topics. It started off slow, with a question about Sheik’s current girlfriend, Emily Wilson. Although she said she was “the happiest I’ve ever been,” Sheik said they are unlikely to be married this year.

“I think it’s a very aggressive move,” Sheik said.

After a little more conversation about Emily, he addressed a comment she made on love is blind About the need to be able to pick up a woman and put her on his shoulders.

“It’s one of the big misrepresentations on the show. You know, I’m very attracted to all kinds of women. I love it all. But when it comes to something like marriage, I like a certain type of thing.” gets a strong preference for- for wedding, said Shaq. “Like someone says, ‘My men can’t handle us fat women.’ Well, there is some truth in this. I’m a grumpy dude. I’m, like, a skinny, cranky dude. I wish I was big enough and strong enough to like… raise a fat woman.”

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee came to the Dominic Natty show this week for his fellow “Love is Blind” contestants Shayne, Deepti and Kyle.
Ser Bafo/Netflix

Soon, however, Shake started talking about himself. love is blind cast members. He tells Dominic that he hasn’t spoken to Deepti since the reunion.

“I’m hurt, and she’s playing this hunt so hard, when we had so much fun. And I took great care of her,” he said.

Sheik did not keep in touch with any of the other contestants, saying they “became the kind of people who will do and say anything to protect their image.”

“And I started looking at it and calling it out. And they didn’t like it. They didn’t like it. It turned — people would lie through their teeth just to protect their image. Whatever they wanted Align with that align with protecting their image,” he continued. “During the show, like, no new information was really revealed. But once people saw the public perception, they associated themselves with this person or that person. ‘Oh, this person is now America’s darling. is, as we are on this person’s team.’ I won’t take any names, will I?”

“These were the same people I was spending time with, like a week ago—literally a week before the show came out,” he said. “But once they knew who was going to be hated and who was going to be loved, they jumped ship and aligned themselves.”

Despite promising not to name the first names, Shayk calls Kyle to say that he should have proposed to Deepti after they spent time together before the reunion, watching the Super Bowl with Deepti and Shayne. Were.

“Like, why didn’t you tell me 50 times ago? That meant a dramatic statement was intended to be saved — like, at my expense, even though I might have really hurt it,” he said.

Sheik says he is not friends with anyone in the cast, adding that the other contestants “revealed their character.”

Shake unloading was not done on Kyle though. He said that Kyle came to the show only for fame and not to get love.

“I know [Kyle] Implemented like 10 different shows. It tells me it wasn’t about love. You know, everyone’s like, ‘Well, yeah, I never thought I’d be on reality TV until it came into my life.’ And then in the meantime, like, Kyle was trying to get on any show, like take acting lessons, do it all s***,” Shaq said.

Dominic spread rumors that Shayne was using drugs, explicitly asking if he was on cocaine. Shake evaded his answer verbally, but made a huge display of blinking during his response.

“I’m not allowed to say. We’re not allowed to say anything to that extent. But all I can say is use your critical judgment and don’t be fooled. And whatever you’re thinking is probably right Is. “

newsweek Kyle reached out to Shayne and Deepti for comment.

Since the reunion, Shake has been rocking the boat. In the weeks since the special, they’ve announced a new podcast, love is blurry, based on a comment he made at the reunion. He also complained that but the only person love is blind On set they were attracted to Vanessa Lachey, who hosts the show with her pop star husband Nick, then attacked Nick for a comment that Shake saw as a slam at the vets.

Shake also accused the show of fraudulently editing him to make him look like the bad guy, although producer Chris Collen disputes these claims.

“Every other member of the cast feels like they’ve got great editing,” he told Variety.

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