Lucas Giolito may miss his next 2 Chicago White Sox starts with a lower abdominal strain – The Mercury News

Lucas Giolito described it as “a random, whimsical, strange thing”.

“That doesn’t happen often to baseball players,” the Chicago White Sox right-hander said Saturday morning.

Giolito gave up on Friday’s opening day against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park after the fourth inning abdominal tightness on his left side, Manager Tony La Russa said an optimistic timeline would mean Giolito would miss out on two starts.

“The way I was described it, it’s a lower abdominal strain,” La Russa said on Saturday. “He (Saturday) came in less pain. If it’s more serious, you’re thinking longer. Optimistically, maybe some start. We’re going to miss her.”

giolito, Opening Day begins for the third consecutive yearSaid that he suffered a minor setback during the fourth innings.

“We get random little aches and pains when we’re throwing up, so I immediately ignored it,” Giolito said. “Next pitch, same. Next pitch, same. Just didn’t want to go away, so I had to go and say something.”

He said he felt “great” on Saturday.

“Not really seeing a lot of soreness or anything like that,” Giolito said. “Hopefully that’s a good sign for a quick recovery.”

Giolito said he has never dealt with anything like this before, calling it “super random, unfortunate.”

Giolito allowed a hit, hit a six and scored two runs in four scoreless innings. He got out after throwing 61 pitches.

“Thought it was going great,” Giolito said. “The cold weather, for me, was really just trying to focus on good competitive pitches, not trying out-stuff. The sequencing (catcher Yasmani Grandal) was great to work with. He did such a great job back there. I thought we were mixing great, I had all four pitches working.

“So really unfortunate because I really wanted to kick off this year (well), Opening Day, kind of set the tone. I think we were doing that. But it’s another challenge for us to overcome. But I am very optimistic that this will not affect my season much and I will be able to get the ball and help the team win matches again very soon.

Giolito’s blow is the second for a member of the team’s starting rotation.

Right-hander Lance Lynn, who finished third in the 2021 American League Cy Young Award voting, could be out for the first eight weeks of the season. Right knee surgery to repair a torn tendon, Lynn was injured on April 2 during a Cactus League outing against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“Injuries can be very strange,” Giolito said. “I don’t think a short spring (due to the lockout) is what caused it or what would have caused a lance injury. Very strange, random kinds of things that could happen.

“I didn’t think I’d ever deal with a weird injury like this. But here we are. So now when it comes to this rehab stuff just focus 100% and try to get back there soon.

Asked about rotation options without Lynn and Giolito, La Russa said he is “just thinking about who will pitch after (Dylan) Siege (Saturday) and (Michael) Kopech (Sunday). Will pitch later.”

La Russa said Vince Velasquez will open Tuesday’s home opener against the Seattle Mariners.

“You know there’s a space in the rotation that has to be filled,” La Russa said. “But there are games before that space comes. You take the immediacy first.”

Giolito said: “Something like this, it’s the worst because I worked so hard this season and told you guys I want to be healthy all year round. But that’s how the game goes sometimes.

“I know the guys at Clubhouse are going to take 100% of me and then I’ll be back there soon enough to get my job back and help this team.”


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