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Lucide, based in the Bay Area, says the Air sedan will be the first car to use a leader in the United States.

By Ed Ludlow | Bloomberg

Lucid Group Inc. said its first battery-powered electric vehicle would be the first production car in the United States to include a purpose-built laser sensor or leader that would extend the advanced driver assistance features.

The camera, radar and leader system – called the Dream Drive Pro – will enable Lucid’s air sedan to be self-parking, providing freeway driving assistance and another for slower traffic. The car’s cabin includes an infrared camera that tracks the position of the head, eyes and eyelids and the pressure sensor on the wheel to detect that the driver is incompetent and bring the vehicle to a full stop in an emergency.

The first version of the New York, California-based Lucid sedan will provide the system as standard. The AirDream Edition sticker costs $ 169,000 and the Grand Turing model costs $ 139,000. Customer delivery of both is scheduled to begin this year. The company’s Tuesday announcement did not include pricing or details of its planned mass market models.

Vehicle manufacturers are putting more emphasis on sensors and related software to improve vehicle safety while increasing their bottom line with higher revenue from software. These technologies are also a step towards autonomous driving. General Motors intends to offer hands-free driving systems on most future models. Volvo Car AB will use the Luminar Technology Inc. leader in a sports utility vehicle next year – offering to let motorcycles sink down the highway.

But the industry is divided on the best technology to use.

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