Second year callers may be temporarily absent.

Mac Jones and the Patriots started a tough start after losing at the season opening in Miami.

Mac Jones is likely to miss many games due to an ankle sprain, according to a story from Mike Reiss of ESPN.

An unnamed source told ESPN’s Reiss and Adam Schefter that the Patriots are considering Jones’s options, which could include surgery as they pave the way forward.

Mike Giardi of the NFL Network tweeted that one of his team’s sources would be: surprised if Jones avoids surgery.

Jones put all inquiries regarding the injury to Patriots coach Bill Belichick during Monday’s press conference.

Reiss noted that Jones used the phrase “day by day” nine times. The former Alabama quarterback said he was going to let the trial play out and see how he was doing.

“I just try to put up with it day after day,” Jones said. “Make sure I regain my health. It’s just my healing and going through the process of what I can do to be better. I will always do this, no matter what the week, and this week is no different. “

When asked how his ankle was feeling, Jones jokingly said, “amazing.” The injury came after he was hit by Baltimore’s Calais Campbell, who is traded at 6ft-8 and 307lbs. Reiss reported that Campbell “twisted” Jones’ ankle.

Jones visibly limped upon impact, reportedly screamed in pain, and was captured with an expression of anguish on his face in the photos.

If Jones doesn’t play on Sunday, Brian Hoyer will likely be the Patriots first quarterback. The 36-year-old veteran has lost 11 runs in a row, which is the longest streak among the NFL quarterback.

Belichick noted earlier this week that Hoyer, who is in his third game against the Patriots, has a lot of experience in the New England offensive. He has competed for seven different teams, one of the most famous in NFL history.

Bailey Zappe, a rookie from Western Kentucky, is the third option. The Patriots picked Zappe in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL draft.

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