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Machete-wielding moped gang attacks cyclists in London.

A mob is targeting cyclists as they pass through Richmond Park and nearby London.

Officers were called to report that a rider was attacked on Rohimpton High Street. Wandsworth. Monday evening at 5.09 p.m.

The suspects, one of whom was allegedly armed with a knife, then fled on the victim’s motorcycle.

The victim was taken to hospital as a precaution but was not seriously injured.

It comes just days after Alexander Richardson, a professional racer from Alpine Phoenix, was robbed of his motorcycle by a group of scooter riders in Richmond Park on Friday, October 7.

Writing about his ordeal on Instagram, Mr Richardson, 31, said: “I knew they wanted my bike and started thinking about what I could do.”

Mr Richards said his motorcycle cost more than 10,000.

“I turned around the East Shen Chakra and started riding at full speed towards the cafe about 500 meters away. They traveled at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour on one of my motorbikes.

Mr Richardson fell but managed to grab his motorbike, but then he explained that the other motorbike had “dragged another 100 meters to the floor”.

The attack left him cut and grazed. The attackers were not identified.

Mr Richardson said one of the assailants, who was wearing a balaclavas, “pulled out a 15-inch machete when I felt better and let the motorcycle go.”

Addressing Free After the attack, Mr Richardson said he would not let the incident happen to him but would be more careful than going out on long training rides alone in the area.

“It’s very likely to happen again, so if I went to Richmond Park it would probably be with other people,” he added.

He warned fellow cyclists of the danger in a post on Friday morning: “Please be careful in the area and note that this is becoming a common occurrence in some parts of London.”

At least two other attacks. Has also been reported.

Detective Inspector Gavin Collins from Operation Venice, Matt’s response to the moped-driven crime, said: “These incidents would have been incredibly horrific for those involved and I want to reassure victims and the public that we will do everything possible. Track these dangerous people.

“I would ask anyone in or around the park to check any dashcam or bicycle helmet footage at the time of any incident. This could be the key to helping us identify those responsible.” “

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